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  1. I have been interested in philosophy lately and love to read it when im blazed. But some of the work produced is quite hard to understand for someone who hasnt been exposed to many works yet, like me, and was wondering if anyone could provide me with the names of some more easy to understand philosophers. What are some of your favorite works to read when high...or even sober?
  2. Any modern piece of philosophy (eg. written in the past decade) should be moderately easy to understand. Philosophy is subjective no matter what, however, sometimes a person will read a particular passage and understand it right away, while others may have to read it several times to understand what the author is saying. It all depends on the reader. Also, if you would like to read older philosophy works, try finding a book or a version that has sidenotes or chapter summaries with each chapter/passage, this will make it much easier to understand.
  3. To give an idea of who's hard to understand, let us know who you've been reading. It'd be easier to give suggestions if we know a bit more about your comprehension level. I mean, Nietzsche has some great thoughts, but I sometimes have trouble with his concepts and have to re-read passages before I can get what he's saying. But then there's Richard Bach who also has a great point of view, and his stuff is easily understood. There is so much 'philosophy' out there, we just need to know your comfort zone before we can come up with a suitable reading list. :cool:
  4. I have fairly good comprehension abilities, but there has just been some that I have read such as Aristotle or such that dont make a whole lot of sense to me.
  5. Don't start out with Aristotle. Find a subject within philosophy first that you think you would enjoy reading about first. Again, most modern philosophy isn't that hard to understand. You also don't necissarily have to read the exact work either; maybe try to find a paper or a report written about it. It will give you the jist of what the writer is talking about, without the problem of usage and language.
  6. My personal favorites are Fredrick Nietzsche (knee-sha) and Sigmund Freud.
  7. Ill check those two out...what other philosophers do you dudes like to read?
  8. Descartes meditations are pretty interesting, but they can be a hard read. Check it out though and see what you think.
  9. Yessss! Cogito ergo sum!

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