phILLy- iLL feelings

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  1. phILLy- iLL Feelings by skillphillydaillone on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    Just a quick verse I recorded the other night..some might relate

    I'm screaming, crying to the lord
    For a reason, pleadin to the decrease the bleeding
    Been readin passages weighin out the averages
    We were all born innocent so who are these savages?
    The fact is I had a knack for back flips
    Theatrics, my mattress knows my sadness
    Prayin every night, pacin, mind racin
    I've lost everything but I still find patience
    I'm afraid of sittin on my porch
    At sixty, and regretting everything in my history
    One mistake and my whole perception changed
    And I live in peace but I will rest in pain
    The stress remains it affects my brain
    My flesh has changed, rain just to bless the flames
    The message came but I didn't see it clear
    It was too far away and now the problem is here.....
    Forgotten how I used to act, back
    when I never worried bout the past tense cuz I had it all...
  2. feedback welcome
  3. Dope


  4. thanks..and hopefully the fly guys pull off another upset down 3-0 haha.
  5. I hear yuh bro, I have faith
  6. like i said on your other track.. Ill. keep it up man.

  7. thanks for the words
  8. so dope, should post a download link to songs so I can put on my ipod

  9. you can download off soundcloud

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