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  1. WOW you all need to listen to lots of grateful dead and from the 77 era. listen to phil lesh on bass it will blow your mind. you all need to listen to him play the bass he is in his own little world.

    here is a concert for you all to listen to. lesh has a fretless bass and it sounds so sweet some of my favorts from this concert are 11 row jimmy 12 dancing in the streets 13 scarlet begonias and 14 estmated prophet. dont get me wrong all the others are simply amzing also.
  2. roll away the dew
  3. Phil Lesh is an amazing musician. I really enjoy him and Ryan Adams when they play together.
  4. phil lesh and friends is playing in chicago later this month.

    and yes grateful dead rock out. 2-26-77 probly one of the more popular shows. i would love to have been at one of those earlier shows before jerrys voice went.
  5. How about that Cornell Show? 5-08-77; Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain is one of most tantalizing jams ever.

    Edit: HAHAHA I didn't even know you posted that show.
  6. I saw a stop of that tour in Saratoga last week. I actually thought Phil and Friends were pretty boring, but The Duo w/ Trey and Mike was incredible.

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