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  1. Also known as Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid. Has anyone ever heard of this stuff? I've picked up a few bottles over the years and it's quite an interesting substance.

    It's derived from from the neurotransmitter GABA, but is also able to cross the blood brain barrier. It's known as a nootropic for its ability to improve neurological function.

    I'm not sure how many of you are aware of the function of GABA, so here is a run down:

    It acts on inhibitory synapses in the brain, and provides an effect VERY similar to alcohol, GHB and so on. GABA plays a roll in anxiety, and insomnia; which is the purpose for which I've used it for.

    Now I've never used any benzos of any kind before, but the anti-anxiolotic effect phenibut had on me was absoltely phenominal. Higher dosages make you feel like you're drunk, but without drinking. It provides the same confidence, slurring, blurry vision, etc that alochol provides.

    I typically used small dosages of 400mg, which was not enough to achieve this drunken state, because I was specifically using it as a treatment for anxiety.

    Anyways, I was just curious if anyone has heard of or tried this substance before? It is not currently illicit and can be purchased legally in many places.
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    I see there are a number of stores online that sell it. Are there any physical stores that sell it?

  3. I've never been able to find it locally in Canada, so I've always ordered it online.
  4. Yup, I've used it! In fact i'm using it "recreationally" as we speak :D
    Fun stuff! I haven't really gotten "drunk"off it yet tho, but i'm sure laughy and just plain ol comfy. Not sure how much I've taken it in bulk powder. I've had (if I were to take a wild guess) probably 3 or 4 grams so far.
    But I digress...
  5. Interesting... Ive been looking for a legal alternative to benzos for my anxiety for quite some time... Maybe this could be it... Other people recommend Kratom, and Kava Kava, and neither of those work..

    All I know is that alcohol has exactly the anti-anxiety effect that Im looking for, and I know alcohol affects the GABA receptors as well, so this might be gold for a person with real anxiety

    How quickly does tolerance build up, if used say once a day?
  6. If used once a day...depending on the dosage, I would say you would develop a moderate tolerance by day only goes up from there.
    I would recommend using either A. A small dose each day (if it must be used daily). or B. Using larger doses once or twice a week. Even that often is pushing it though (again, depending on the dose). :(
    That's the only downside.
  7. Just did some research. Imma go get me some, sounds like its good for your dopamine receptors.
  8. Yup, if used wisely it can be a VERY beneficial drug!
  9. I have a female friend who breastfeeds and she wanted to know if she could take this? I did research but came up with nothing. Anyone?
  10. It isn't really a drug that a lot of people know about so there aren't many known contradictions to taking it.
    However, I see no reason why it would be a problem as long as she uses SMALL doses, defiantly shouldn't be used recreationally while breast feeding. I can't see how it could hurt the baby. They uses GABA in some formulas to calm babies down or to put them to sleep, and that is essentially what phenibut is, only phenibut is more absorbable.
  11. She wouldn't take it for recreation. Rather as an alternative to other anti anxiety or mood enhancers for postpartum depression.
  12. Is she currently taking the above mentioned "mood enhancers?" In my opinion, those mood enhancers are probably not very good for the baby either, especially the postpartum depression meds.
    But yeah if she takes like 750mg every 4-6 hours she and the baby should be fine. Obviously just keep an eye open to any irregular behavior from the baby...err' on the side of caution with anything ingested during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
    Hey, marijuana hasn't been linked to any type of birth defect, that could be another safe alternative. :)
  13. No she's not, and there is no reason for you to assume she is so no need for the judge mental tones. If I am taking your comment wrong, my apologies.

    Cannabis doesn't help with focus for all people, she is one of those people.
  14. Oh no, sorry I wasn't trying to be judgemental. Sorry if I gave off that tone/impression. I was just trying to compare the relative dangers associated with phenibut and other mood enhancers. Ie. Phenibut is safer.
    The cannabis thing was kind of a joke ;)
  15. Your right about cannabis for depression though, it works for me.

    I just want something to help my focus and motivation.

    My friend was looking for some type of alternative to pharms.

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