Pharrell Williams, the next Aristotles

Discussion in 'General' started by HeyHey, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. [ame=]Diggy interviews pharrell part 1 - YouTube[/ame]

    The guy has a crazy way of thinking, he connects everything in a logical way. It's fucking amazing, he sounds like a a fucking wise man hahah its crazy. idk, just saying... watch part 2.
  2. Always had alot of respect for this man, he seems really grounded n down to earth
  3. Aristotle was one person....not plural
  4. only someone who has never read aristotle would compare thise guy to him. hes smart, very smart but aristotle blows him away in insight.
  5. Huge Pharrell fan, he is a very educated man.
  6. Pharrell Williams. Dedicated musician and intelligent man? Yes.

    The next Aristotle? No.
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    Just because he is not a fucking moron, like most hip-hop artists, it doesn't make him the next Aristotle, or worthy of respect.
  8. has grasscity really gotten this dull? it was a crazy, outta my ass comparison. i did not put 30 minutes of my life into thinking every aspect of the threads title that you guys would critique.

    btw, my first and dominant language is spanish. Aristotle is Aristoteles in spanish, see how that small mistake makes sense?... lol..

  9. Yet the thread title is "Aristotles" not "Aristoteles", so it doesn't really make sense.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist :D
  10. That's what you get for comparing mediocre-as-fuck Pharrell Williams to a Greek philosopher :confused_2:
  11. Stefan Molyneux, the guy who runs this philosophy podcast website, is closer.

    Freedomain Radio
  12. hey man, thanks for posting this. i ended up watching the whole thing. Skater P is the man, huge innovator imo. i'm trying to decide what im gonna do with my life and this shit got me thinking more about it. when pharrell was talking about like, imagine you have bills paid, what would you be doing...and that's what you should do. idk. still can't decide but i will eventually.

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