Pharmaceuticals drugs ???? whaz dat ?

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRONIKKKK, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. i heard about them but have no clue what they are .. drugs you pick up at the pharmacy ????? how does dat work ?? and how do people get high on painkillers ???? ima confused
  2. ...dude wtf
  3. It's actually a pretty amazing concept..

    Your doctor, a person who heals you when dying, writes you something called a perscription, not subscription, and then you go to a pharmacy and you pick it up! Fricken amazing, eh?
  4. So are you 14 yet?


  5. I'm usually against calling out the age of a poster, but his post was that rediculous.
  6. They're nothing but if you come across any Hydrocodone or Adderal mail them to me.
  7. i know dat ... but normally the doctor doesent prescribe fuckin weed or otha drugs that u wud get illegally so how the fuck do people get high on legal shyt ??? that was sorta ma question .. i know what a pharmacy is and a prescription and all that
  8. What dont you understand?? You pop the pills, you get high. Just like any other pill.

  9. i may regret asking this but you do know about medicinal marijuana, right?

    people getting high on pharmaceuticals isn't always legal (unless they have a prescription for it, in which case they're not really "high" anyway... plus painkills are more of a buzz than a high but i digress)
  10. dude, street drugs and pharmacutical drugs are essentially the same, in that they all cause a reaction in you that's different from how your body would normally be. It's just the perscriptions manage to stay legal enough to help sick people. Alot of illegal drugs could help sick people too, but thats just how the system is.

  11. So what are you asking exactly? People get high on legal shit the same way the do illegal shit:rolleyes:

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