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    Novice grower here, cannabis aficionado. (not the usual stoner)

    I currently do a lot of photography professionally and for fun so I own a couple of cool stuff that could maybe help me.

    I current have this heavy duty plastic toolbox:



    And this softbox that's 60x30 inches with a speedring (support for lights)




    Both box and "tent" will easily fit in my big ass closet so space isn't an issue but secret is, I must keep this operation STEALTH!

    I love weed, I have been smoking for a year straight non-stop, love it, made so many progress in my life and friends, so why no cultivate it at my house for me to watch it growing it, love and respect this thing :smoke:

    Constructive criticism, bright ideas are welcome and thanks in advance for the help :hello::hello:
  2. hey dude im not sure what your really asking lol, that box & prob the tent could be used for a small 1 or 2 plant grow IMO

    good luck with ur grow
  3. You can grow some autoflowers out of that box. Auto ak-47 or, AKA easyryder by some breeders is a pretty decent autoflower. You'll get about an ounce per plant, and they only take 9-11 weeks total time. You keep your lights on 20/4 the entire grow, and just watch her do her thing. It's probably the easiest MJ plant you can grow.
  4. Thank you!!!!!

    @Do Work: Where do I get seeds from a reputable seed bank? and what light shoud I get for the AKs and what about ventilation?
  5. Attitude Cannabis seeds | Marijuana Seeds

    That website I get all my seeds from. They're great, stealthy shipping, and FAST.

    As far as lights, it's really up to how much you want to spend. At 150w HPS would work nice in that box. As far as ventilation, just look at fans, and inline fans, and see what you can fit inside that box.

    A 150w HPS doesn't get too hot, but it does need some cooling off. If you can get some decent air output, and a small fan just to blow across the canopy, you should be fine.
  6. Ordered already Lowlife Automatic AK47 Autoflowering

    Will get the lights tomorrow and set it up on the weekend...

    Which box? black of the photography one?
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    id use whatever that reflective one is. looks bigger and the reflective material will bounce light back onto your pant from all angles. i have an 150w hps and it keeps my closet at 80F with the a/c constantly on and the door open. with the ac off it pushes high 90's. so that would be to hot for you unless your planning on buying inline fans and all the shit you need to ventilate. i suggest you go with cfls. there cheap, can be bought pretty much everywhere, and for a small grow like the one your planning they are perfect. they run relatively cool so as long as you got yourself and oscilating fan heat shouldnt be an issue. keep em about two in from tops of plant and your golden. check out cfl guide in the stickys. hope this helped gl with your grow.
  8. I don't see how if you have your door open, and ac on that your temps can be that high. I have a 400w HPS that with my door open keeps the temps at room temp (which is anywhere around 75). If I close my door, they stay a little over 80, but still managable.

    With the door closed, all I have is one inline fan, and one fan blowing over my canopy.
  9. I guess I'll start with the CFLs then, maybe later I'll get the 150HPS bulb I found one for $75 bux.

    Guys that are familiar with the AK-47, what soil you recommend.. I bought some miracle-gro from lowes for my garden outside and I was thinking about using it for the AK47.... Yay or nay?
  10. I am a huge n00b but I'm not dumb!

    Sorry for not reading, I'm spoiled :(

    I found this from the user budslinger mentioning to another n00b like me

    "try to find anything organic with no added nutes, i saw someone found some cheap stuff but i cant remember where i saw it..damn...
    make sure there are no time released ferts and cut it with perilite and you should be fine man... Check with the dirt guys... Cutter, August west, dex, theres many of them,..."

    Now I have to find out if the miracle-gro fits that description.

    I'm getting excited as hell :D:smoke:
  11. Do not use miracle grow. Search for a hydroponic store in your area. You might be surprised like I was and find out you have one within a short distance.

    If you HAVE to use miracle grow, then go for it, but I reccommend something like fox farm ocean forest, or happy frog, or anything other than miracle grow lol.
  12. Miracle gro is fine as long as it's organic.
  13. Thanks bro!

    I found hydro store 15 minutes from my place. I'm going there after work and will start on the stealth, photography box setup... Stand by for pics :eek:
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    I present you operation alpha in progress...

    I have that white dish painted it flat white where I plan to place the pot for more reflection....



  15. Had one going so I put it in the alpha operation...



  16. Everything looks good, but do you have two (or more) plants in one pot? Either you have some sort of mutant growth, or you burried the stem, or you have more than one plant in the pot. If that is the case, you're probably setting yourself up for failure.
  17. Do Work,

    Thanks for all the guidance bro, but that's a lil plant I have growing guerilla mode... I just put it there to see the space and how it would look. I'm waiting for my AK-47 seeds to arrive.

    Plus, I'm going to have to move my operation to the other side of the closet because I don't want the girl I sleep with to see it :rolleyes: She'll flip :D

    I'm going to a grow shop today to buy fox farm, then lowe's for a timer since I plan to doing 20/4.

    I recently downloaded the Grow Bible so I got a lot of homework.

    I have one worry that I need to express it here.

    I'm REALLY scared about this whole operation since I'm a n00b at everything, I wanna move along VERY cautious. I'm very young but yet very responsible with e-v-e-r-y thing.

    My biggest concern is, I smoke at the house a lot... Very low key though, I don't throw parties or anything but I'm always paranoid that one day I'll be smoking at the balcony and a cop walk by for no reason and see me. One day a Sheriff stopped by just to ask where the next door guy was (he had some problems with domestic violence) so I know the sheriff wasn't just snooping around. My fear was if she saw us, that's probable cause to search the house right?

    Maybe I'm just being paranoid....

    But I do plan to keep this whole operation classified, and will probably have to slow down on the usage at the house.

    What do you guys think?
  18. Well, you have the right idea. The three "don't" about marijuana growing. Don't sell, don't tell, don't smell! Good thing about auto ak-47 is that it hardly puts off a smell until you smoke it. I pretty much go a whole grow without anything to mask the smell because honestly, they're not that bad. Not like the big ass sativas I have right now...

    As far as a cop coming by, I had that happen one time too, and it was because of my next door neighbor. Scary thing was, I had a bong and stash just sitting out, thankfully I wasn't smoking at the time.

    As long as you don't have people knowing about it, and you can keep the smell down, you should be fine. Most cops won't search your place just because they smelled you smoking a doobie. The DEA might, but if they're looking for you, you're probably done for anyway :devious:.

    The DEA and the cops don't have the time to bust one guy that is going to produce a couple ounces a month. They know that even if you are selling it, you're not making a living off it, and you're not distributing to 100's of people. They want the big fish, in the big pond. And you and I we are the small fish in the big pond, and quite frankly I'm ok with that!
  19. Thanks bro!

    I have no intent to sell whatsoever! I'm growing for personal use, so I don't have to go buy it all the time risking.

    I wish I lived at a farm or something lol
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