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  1. Ive been having much trouble getting plants going and thriving. It seems I can get em going a little then they begin to show symptoms of overatering curling and yellowing.

    Can a slight ph imbalance throw my plants off?? I adjusted the pH finally after looking it up and now she seems absolutely happy and actually grew a whole lot over night. Every plant Ive grown thus far has had this "overatering" issue when I know Ive been moderate with my feeding. I think my whole problem all along was pH
  2. Well there u have it. pH is an important contributor to an optimal environment. When concerns arise, the first thing we growers check is the pH.
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  3. For sure.....without proper'll run into nutrient lockout.....where the plant can't take it up.....which leads to unhealthy plants. Good on you for figuring it out and changing it!:bongin:
  4. Roger that appreciate the feedback guys. I went ahead and fed my one of my other gals proper pHed water and within a day or two or her leaves are up and look way better the heavy curling left off a lot. I'm drawing it to on levels for sure.
  5. Here are the before and after photos big change in integrity, size, and height. It's a shame my pup stressed her as a seedling and pH imbalance, she wont grow to be very big. But now that I figured out the error I'll be ready to go next grow. Also, any possible idea on what this strain coukd be? Its a ? Seed

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  6. No way to tell from pic other than looks to be leaning indica

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