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  1. ph going in at 6.0 coming out at 4.5 is that a problem do I need to flush ?
  2. How often do you feed and at what strength?
  3. I feed twice a week, my well water ppm is 20 and I feed at around 700ppm plants look ok just don't know if I should worry. going into week 6 of flower
  4. Are you growing in coco?
  5. in coco, 4 gal pots. I flushed one I had in a 3 gal with 5gal of florakleen phd at 6.2 but runoff only went to 4.8
  6. What are you using florakleen for? If it's because you're flushing don't do it - flushing in coco should be done with 1/4 strength nutes, pH'd to 6.0. Coco should be fed nutes to run off every day. I feed twice a day when in flowering. Can you post a pic of your plants? Here's a pic of two plants in 6 weeks of flowering.

    Flower 5 weeks.JPG
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  7. I will do it later I have been using fox farm with cal mag temps are 80 during day 75 night with 50%rh
  8. should I feed everytime with light nutes then and I do water to runoff. 4 different strains going, sour d, raspberry cough, master kush, blackjack
  9. You always feed to run off - it replenishes the nutes and pulls in fresh oxygen to the root zone. At 6 weeks of flower I would be feeding full strength daily - never just plain water.
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