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  1. The ph in my soil is staying in the high 7s I can get the ph right in my water but it never seems to drop the ph in the soil.... What is the best way for me to drop my ph
  2. Ok say your water is 8.0 before watering. You water and run off is 7.0. This means your soil has a ph of 6.0. This is the case in my grow. I add 2ml/gallon of ph down to bring my run off to 6.
  3. Just base figures.. it will vary but should put you in the right direction.
  4. I have a meter u stick on the soil and it tells u the ph... Is there a better way to check to make sure it's right?
  5. Have you calibrated the meter? Most have to be calibrated regularly.
  6. It had a switch for ph and moister... I just switch to ph and stick it down in the dirt that was all it said to do
  7. I just took this pic see the yellowing? I thank it's because the ph is to high. And they are growing very slow again.

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  8. Ph should be 5.8 to 6.3 ideally
  9. I run mine at 6 and adjust back down when it gets to 6.5
  10. What soil are you using? Looks like fox farm
  11. A mix of worm castings perlite potting soil and vermiculite
  12. Oh I was thinkin digital.
  13. Looks good. Doing nutes or just water?
  14. Using jungle juice three part grow and I just started using b-52
  15. Whats the npk look like on it?
  16. What's npk?
  17. Usually 3 numbers on the label. Niitrogen(n) phosphorus(p) potasium(k) your primary nutrients.
  18. Something along the lines of 26-0-10 or 10-10-10 that's what it would look like on the bag
  19. How do I tell npk?
  20. If you are building a soil you should have a concept of plant requirements for nutrients in different stages of growth. It will affect the amendments you add to your soil. Will also help you select what nutes to add in what proportions.

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