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Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by gman00910, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Im growing outside, Im digging holes and filling it with potting soil (because my native soil is grey clay, also, I dont know which bagged soil im getting yet). I'vebeen reading around about pH and how it has to be around 6.2? Do I HAVE to do this? What will happen if I dont read it. and even if I do, how will I bring it up or down? Thanks everyone!
  2. gman, outdoor soil that grows the biggest healthiest plants will have a ph of about 6.8 - 7. Ive tested for many years and there just isnt any question about it.

    Cannabis outdoors will grow and do ok at 6.2, but wont reach its full potential. Its a little late this year to begin raising the Ph because it takes about 30 days for even the most highly processed lime products to effect the soil and one shouldnt use any nitrogen containing ferts during that period as the combo of lime and nitro produces a soil costicity that isnt very conducive to good plant health.
  3. So are you saying that I shouldnt even worry about the pH and just put in the potting soil and be done with it? Will this be ok? btw, my plants are in little cups right now about to sprout. Thanks for the reply!
  4. If you're using strictly bagged soil, then you're perfectly fine -- the soil comes with a stable pH right out of the bag. The only time you really want to monitor your pH is when you're ammending it, ie. bone meal, kelp meal, manure, guano etc... Anything that isn't composted will typically have acidic properties, hence the use of dolomite lime and letting the soil "cook" for several weeks to stabilize the pH. Plotting soil won't support your plant(s) for the long haul, however, you can add earthworm castings or any type of compost to significantly enhance the nutes in the soil -- without changing your pH too much. Good Luck, Happy Growing!
  5. Thanks for the reply azpro! Also, I am gonna get dolomite lime to keep it at 7.0. But other than that, I'm not really adding anything that you mentioned, (kelp meal, bone meal, etc.). But once the soil runs out of nutes, I will feed it 15-30-15 food that I have. And how will I tell when the soil runs out and the plants need more nutes?
  6. most soils contain some sort of clay in it as you mentioned you are planting into holes that have grey clay Clay tends to have hi ph so you be totally fine there dude only down fall is clay tends to drain slower so try not to over water your plants

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