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  1. Please help me! :smoking:

    I have tried to use the search facility, which is usually very good when I have a query, but it seems to be broken this morning. :( I am on my first grow, my PH is 7.1! Too high for a soil grow. I remember reading somewhere on the City that lime is used to lower PH. What I need to know is what form does the lime take, I mean I assume it's not an actual lime! Lol. Where can I get it and how do I apply it? ie, spray on leaves or add to soil?

    Thanks for any help in advance. My plants need you! :D
  2. Right then, once I got the search facility to work I found a post that said I could add lime juice to water when i next go to water it, just a couple of drops. My plant is now due for watering. Just in case this is the worst plan in the world ever, I'm gonna wait for an hour or so in the hope that someone will stop me before it's too late!

    In short, will a drop or two of lemon or lime juice in the water do my plant any harm?
    Will it in turn lower the PH?
  3. Throw away your pH meter and stop worrying. I never measure pH, nor add any pH chemicals, but I can only talk about outdoor soil growing. Just no idea how I got 72 oz of dried/cured from 4 ladies.
    Must be something to do with good organic compost, good organic nutes, and masses of Spanish sun.
  4. Not a helpfull response to say the least man...again,WTF.Then a ton of of boasting on your greatness....again. Stop ackting like a god and start HELPING people man. Dont ignore the PH unless your whole situation can support it,the right soil and water can make the PH right,most dont have those.
  5. Cantharis, you have given me good advice in the past, so I won't ignore it this time. That said, a lot of the chat on this section of the site is centered around PH levels, can't all be for nothing.

    Thank you both for your input.

    Can someone tell me if it will die if I inflict citrus on it?! Lol! The advice on this site has served me well so far, wanna get the PH right if I can. :)
  6. I adjust my water pH to 6.8 (after adding nutes, etc) and the runoff is 6.5. You need a pH tester and a bottle each of pH up and pH down. That's about it.
  7. Alrightareemo. Cheers! :D

  8. Yea man what's the deal. I see tons of your posts like this saying how great you are at growing but not helping AT ALL. It really bothers me.... Because I would care if this were the Journal section... But it's not.
  9. Follow him to your plants death,just water them and dont worry.Lemon IS used and can work to adj. your feeding waters PH.
  10. Lol! Ok thanks! I did add a bit of lemon juice and it has done the trick. :hello:
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    That is obvious.

    All I am saying is that it is perfectly possible to do large yielding outdoor grows without spending all your time fiddling about with meters and pH up/down. Proof of this is the excellent yields produced by guerrilla growers in the woods.

    It is quite obvious that MJ is tolerant of a wide range in all the parameters that make up its growing environment - if you can drink the water, it is fine for growing MJ.

    The only thing that has ever killed my MJ is those chemical sticks of solid fert - they cause rapid root burn.

    In fact it seems to me that the guys with the meters and chemicals are the ones who measure their yield in grams, not pounds.

  12. And how many pounds and ounces of dried/cured do you get per plant ???

    Or is it in grams ???
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    And nearly all you suposed chemical nuts are too pig ignorant to even express it right - the quantity is written pH - small p capital H. Means power of hydrogen. Actually the negative index of the concentration of hydrogen ions in grams per litre.

    10 ^ -7 hydrogen ions in grams per litre - pH is 7
    10 ^ -6 hydrogen ions in grams per litre ( that is, ten times as much) - pH is 6.
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    Boogaloo that is a real massive difference . Sure to increase your yield from 2 grams to 2 pounds per plant. Or not, probably.
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    No, Good God, this is NOT the actual lime plant, as in citrus fruit.

    This is referring to calcium hydroxide, Ca (OH)2, the mineral lime. Commonly bought as the variety Dolomite lime. Which is used to raise pH, and acts as a buffer to stabilise pH values. Bung some of that, or even crushed eggshell, which is what i use, in your mix, that will buffer your soil pH values to a constantly good level.
    Of course, the suposed ´chemistry´ experts, quick to jump in previously, have not been able to put you right here.
  16. Dude, put down the bong for a while and think about what you are saying.

    You might be blessed with miracle tap water that YOUR plants love... but we're not all in that boat.

    My plants struggle with direct tap water in my area as the pH is way to high, almost 8 out of the tap.

    If you think my advice of getting a simple pH test kit and some pH up/down to adjust water is bad advice then you must be insane or just way too stoned.

  17. The massive difference is that my tap water starts at pH 8 before I lower it to 6.8.

    Smoke on bro :wave:
  18. Give it a rest man,many ppl here are not chem. majors OR old enough to have spent 50 years reading like you,they also have GOOD reason to measure their yield in grams.Use your head for once,we mostly grow in boxes or rooms indoors,BTW my 1st indoor grow yielded over 8 oz .on each plant started 4 months after i became a member.Why must you be so inflammatory and rude to so many members,your boasting and self loathing is quite disgusting as we have said so many times before.You have a great amt. of experience,why dont you just use it to help those who need it.
  19. Lol! I'm more confused about pH now then when I started this thread!! I do know for sure that I can't spell PH right, which will probably keep me awake tonight. :p

    My plants seem ok, although I think my pH is still too high. I have much to learn! :smoke:
  20. If I may make so bold as to presume that you are referring to me as Dude.

    Actually, my tap water (and in the summer that is my only option) has a pH that is quite a bit away from what the ´experts´ tell me it should be - I measured it once a few years back.
    But my plants don´t know that, and they seem to want to give me most satisfactory yields regardless.
    Any Water + good organic soil = OK growth, or so it would seem

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