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    Ok so I found something out. I just got a ph meter and have noticed something quite interesting. My whole grow I have been boiling my tap water ok? I just got a ph meter yesterday and have noticed my tap water BEFORE it is boiled reads 7.4. When I boil it and test it it reads 8.9...i have been given her that type of water the whole grow and never knew it... So my questions are : 1) Why did it increase? 2) Should I just use ph down on the boiled tap, or should I just use my tap unboiled water?(which is at 7.4) 3) why after using that 8.9 water my whole grow, my runoff in my FFOF has a 6.2?? Thanks guys!

  2. 1) you prolly boil out any chemicals that were used to drop natural ph.
    2) I'd say yes use ph down on tape water and drop it to 6.5 and check your run off ph. Adjust from there.
    3) it's prolly something in the FFOF
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    Ok well if watering it with that 8.9 water didn't make it above 6.5 than Idk what will... When you say "adjust it from there" what do you mean? How do I get it to 6.5? How many waterings with 6.5 will it take roughly? Thanks again
  4. When's the last time you flushed with 6.5 water? You prolly need to flush with 3x pot volume, tht should make your water going in and coming out to 6.5. Your plant will love you for it.
  5. Do like I do at times, get a little radical, drop it down to two or three, you'll probably not need to flush with one time the volume of your substrate or less. That way you could measure your ph run-off at 6.3 and let it build from there... as the plant extracts nutrients from the water your ph will increase. Get radical..... :yay:
  6. These guys have you on track, friend, but I suggest you don't feed anymore for a bit. There is plenty of nuits in your FFOF still, your just locking out Mg-Ca. Fix your ph and you'll be back on track.
  7. Also, if your trying to simply get Cl out of your tap water. Leave it sitting out over night, with an air stone would always be better but if not just sit it out and stir occasionally.  Chlorine will disappear into the atmosphere. Then you can ph the water.
  8. I did that and it didn't work. I flushed my 5 gal with 20 gal of 6.5 ph and it didn't move from 6.1.evem reporting her and then giving her 6.5 water isn't working... Idk why it won't change!
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    Should I just feed more than a 1/2 tsp of big grow? I've been increasing by 1/8 every watering... Should I just increase to 1 tsp or more?
  10. Definitely not more. Read what @mmman said. That will prolly help ya out. I want to say you've got some kind of build up in your soil but im not sure.
  11. To whom it may concern:
    You have a big mouth, a wide trap that overrides common decency, and demonstrates you a glittering gem of monumental ignorance. Anyone with one eye and half sense knows how important ph is to nutrient uptake and the lack thereof. You seem to favor consistently reverting to logical fallacies as your preferred style of argument, it only shows you have an immature philosophical method. We'll let the community decide this issue, less I get banned, cause let me say this, you don't want to get into a piss fight with a skunk, you'll lose every time. :mad: :devious:
  12. Wow! Who is that directed at?!?
  13. Lol not you. Someone keeps going into threads saying "ph isn't all that important, these guys are giving you bad advice"
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    Ha! I just saw the thread! 
    Crazy kat.... SMH
    Only if you want constant problems, don't worry about it! :D I myself, want pounds per plant!
  15. Me 2
  16. What do you mean by radical??
  17. This is a quote from the General hydroponics website.
    "Organic compounds will cause the pH to fluctuate regularly and there is no need to manually adjust as you will be driving yourself crazy and the plants will be doing just fine. For more information on pH, please click here."
    Tell it to General Hydro. You know most ph meters are +- .1 so when it says 6.3 it could be 6.2 or 6.4, and thats if its calibrated. People have been growing weed for years without ph meters.
    6.3 may be best but you will not have problems if your ph is 5.5 to 6.5 It's something else. You guys focus on ph way way too much.
  18. Listen to this guy. His post history speaks for itself. ;)
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    How much post history doesn't have anything to do with experience. I'm not on this site a lot because it's so frustrating reading all the dumb things people do. All the dumb things they think are important. There is so much dumb info spread around and repeated over and over on these forums that people assume it's true. 
    Grower experience is the only thing that will really help anyone. Not checking PH run off for every single problem a plant has. That' ridiculous advise.
  20. Haha I just want at least a half O from my plant and I'll consider that successful lol. Got 2 white widow seeds coming in along with a double glock, and 2 sensei star. I sure hope I get at least 14 grams per plant! An ounce would be awesome for me considering this is my first grow haha

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