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  1. hey blades, have a question about ph and its the first time ive rlly had troubles like this... now the girls are fine but its my patience thats running thin ... seem like i have to use big amounts of ph up or down to get my water proper this is even when i dont use nutes ive grown in other buildings and noticed it only took drops to change my water in a gallon jug now its literally taking tablespoons its outta control and i know this shit cant be good and it fucks up my ppms any ideas? ive been thinking hard water but my water outta the tap is under 300 ppms and i let it sit sometimes for days before even using it:confused: its not affecting anything but its just alot of ph solution and a big bottle should last forever and it doesnt my tester is always calibrated fresh batts u tell me lol thanks for reading hope someone can hel:wave:p
  2. anything over 250 PPM is considered hard water... so, are you using hard water nutrients?

    what is the actual PPM of the tap?
    whats the PPM of the nutes your using?
    what does the PPM do in relation to the PH?
    what strain?
    how far along in growth?
    temps in grow space?
    nutrient line your using?
    what color are your socks?

    we need more info... but if i had to guess its a hard water issue and the PPM is wrong for what the plant is looking to drink, total shot on the dark though
  3. all i asked is why is it so hard for me to adjust my ph. My plants are fine .... i just have to add alot of ph up or ph down and that cant be good for em its not hurting them but i shouldnt have to use as much ph solution to make my water ph proper... i also said my ppms were at 300 outta the tap and i thought that maybe the hard water had somthing to do with having to add so much ph solution to get it right. maybe i typed it wrong or somthing lol but u asked me abunch of questions that had nothing to do with what i asked not being rude man sorry for my grammar and typos but read the op again it makes perfect sense thanks for ur concern though man

    ppm in relation to ph when i add more liquids such as ph up or down it brings my ppms up causing more total dissolved solids in my water and i shouldnt have to add as much
    ph solution.

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