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  1. Hey so new to growing and just had a quick question. So I understand my ph should be between 6.3 and 6.8 and I have ph drops as well as ph up/down. I'm growing in soil with miracle grow ocean and I was wondering how to check adjust the ph of the soil. I know I can check it by watering and checking the run off, but how do I adjust it? I can't just water again right afterwards because wouldn't that be overwatering? So do I have to guess and make the water either high or low in ph and check the runoff again in another 3-4 days. Or if I just adjust the ph of my water will it just force the soil to that ph?
    Everything I read just says adjust using ph up/down but how do you check it immediately afterwards?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Other than adding soil amendments, you can't really make soils PH go up. You can try to water with a high PH feed, if you're looking for higher overall PH.

    Other than that, most good quality soils won't need PH adjusted.
  3. You will have a hard time adjusting the PH of your Miracle Grow Soil as the time released nutes are out of your control when they release. Its why its highly recommended not to ever use Miracle Grow. Stuff can kill a plant fast.
  4. I just asked a similar question in the noob section. If the run off has a higher ph than what u started with, do u lower the ph of your water to compensate.... What should the run off be. I'm using bio bizz all mix

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