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  1. what up all!

    600 watt HPS 3 42 watt CFLs
    2 Fans
    Temps 76 - 80 Humidity 45 - 60
    10 Gall container
    Pro Mix Soil
    AdvancedNuetrance Iquana Juice Bloom
    Water when dry
    EC 1.4
    Ph 5.7
    Nirvana's Misty
    Week 4 Flowering

    Ph is my problem and my Leaves are starting to distort i.e curl down
    I cant get this ph above 5.6 Ph I just flushed with 3 gallans of 6.6 ph and 1.2 e.c
    It went down from 5.7 5.6
    Should I Flush More?
  2. are you using the ProMix soiless mixture? if so thats ur problem.

    which kind of ProMix are you using?
  3. Straight up Pro mix dude the same pro mix I've been using for 5 years...
  4. I would try to flush one more time with about the same ph level as the previous flushes like 6.6 or whatever. hope you can figure on whats goin on man. Ill look around for some other possibilities to
  5. Flushed with 3 more gal Ph 7.8
    came out 5.7 wtf
  6. When adding lime to soil is the ratio 1 tsp too 1 gall of soil. Dose it matter if the soil is dry or should I wet it before adding the lime?d

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