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  1. I have discovered either a red herring or a potential disaster today. My soil pH meter (8 dollars off of amazon) arrived today. It is a "no-battery-needed" cheapie but claims to read pH, moisture content, and light availability. I don't know if anyone that has had previous experience can shed some light on this, but when I try to read the pH of 3 out of 4 of my plants the meter drops down as acidic as it goes (3.5). I had a bag of soil left over that hadnt been used, and stuck the pH meter in it. It read 6.5-6.8. Also, the 4th plant read about 6.

    Is it possible that the soil being pretty wet would hinder the performance of the pH part of the meter? Or if not, how could I possibly decrease the pH of my soil to 3.5 in less than 5 days?

    • I used a Vitamin Supplement that claimed to reduce transplant shock.

    • I broke up organic fertilizer spikes (poultry, bat and various animal manure and worm castings), putting about 25% fertilizer spikes to 75% pre-mixed soil.

    • Other than those two things and not checking the pH of my water (which I highly doubt could cause the pH to be 3).
    At this link are the newest pictures of the seedlings, which don't really look that bad for apparently being planted in sulfuric acid. Please hop on over and take a look.
  2. The meter you have chosen to use is about as accurate as your elbow, seriously.. Purchase a good meter and do a runoff test.

    Check your watering and feeding with a good quality meter.

    The only thing that meter has introduced is doubt.
  3. True dat. Thanks man.

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