PH meter question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by imap420, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Can you keep your PH meter submerged in your reservoir at all times without ruining it?

    I was thinking of sending my PH meters reading to my computer that would control a small amount of solution to automate managing the PH of my reservoir.
  2. i dont see why not never done it but i dont see why its a big deal
  3. You are in the right track. I think you have something. This is the kind of cool shit I like to see on GC.
  4. I think its a poor idea. They aren't made to be continual imersed. The batteries would last no time and give inaccurate readings before quitting. Continuous readout meters that are made to be continualy immersed ...the probes that is...are only guaranteed for 3mos. I have a tri meter i've changed the ph probe 3 times. $50 each time and not that accurate compared to ph pen which you have to have anyway to cross check the accuracy.
  5. What kind of tri meter do you have and is it the type that you plug in?
  6. My tri meter is made ny nutradip and does plug in instead of batteries
  7. I used to have a device which did this on its own, it was built for hydro growing by some Chinese company who is now out of business. I was not the biggest fan and sold it eventually.

    I always have my ph probe in my rez. You are supposed to keep them wet at all times right?

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