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  1. so my ph levels are a bit high in my soil to my plants how do I lower it it’s ranging at about 7.5-8ph I feed them at 6.5ph so how do I lower it
  2. I heard vinegar works. compost, wood chips, cottonseed meal, etc.
  3. hey buddy are you checking run off ??
    or are you checking by doing a slurry test also what soil are you using
  4. I have not yet checked the run off I will do so today though I have heard of the vinegar trick I just don’t wanna harm them at all they have honestly been doing extremely well. I will upload pics today as well and here’s the specs

    30 gallon smart pot
    Happy frog soil
    Outdoor with temps around 90-98 degrees
    Feeding using b-1 for root growth and also using flora nova grow
    When feeding i balance the ph level to 6.5 roughly
    Current soil test was at 8 ph in the soil no run off test yet

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