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  1. hi every one im new here and i have got one plant on the go at the minuet as i have some more seeds on the way with a 400w hps light i got a ph tester today and my ph level is 7 which it says is neutral is this ok as my leaves are going brown around the edges please help
  2. Are you growing in soil or hydro? Ideal pH is different for each.

    Your symptoms could be from many things so tell us more about the ferts you've given, if in soil what kind, watering schedule, distance from light, and plant size and pot size for starters.
  3. im growing in multipupose compost i have not added any ferts i water it every other day the light is 3 inches away the plant is 5 inches tall and the pot size is
    5 inch by 5 inch hope this help you
  4. Back your light off of the plant

    A 400 hps should be at least a foot away from such a young plant.

    I am no expert but it is probably time to transport as well.

    Posting pics is the best way to get help

    Good luck
  5. what do u mean transport re pot what size as i just went out and got 6 inch ones today is that big enougth
  6. I dont grow in soil and like I said I am no expert.

    You probably got a little time before transporting but posting pics would be the best way to get advice.

    It really depends on how big you want to grow your plant. I have one plant in the 6th week of flower and it is in a 5 gallon bucket. The roots pretty much fill the bucket. It is 47" tall from the top of the bucket (15") for a standing height of 62". It fills up an area of about 3' x 3' with its width.

    Hope this can help
  7. The size of the plant above the soil is related to the root volume below the soil so use the biggest containers you can, 3 gallon or bigger.

    Ideal pH for a soil grow is 6.3-6.8, though keeping it anywhere between 6.0-7.0 should be fine.

    How old is that plant? How many nodes?

    Light distance: hold the back of your hand to the light at plant-top level for 30 seconds, if it's too hot for you then it's too hot for the plant.

    If you haven't fed it at all and it is more than 2 weeks old then start adding the ferts at 1/4 recommended strength, then slowly build up the concentration.

    Watering: go by when then plant/soil need it not the calendar. Every other day might be alright but it might not, and it might vary over time. When you water do so thoroughly, then allow the soil to dry out before watering again. Keeping the soil constantly damp seems like the right thing to do but actually retards strong root development and can promote root rot.
  8. in hydro a good ph level is 5.8, soil 6.3 or so.
  9. thaks for all th info its a great help

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