pH issue or dislike for soap?

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  1. Hopefully someone here can clarify this for me:

    Below are pictures of some leaves from my girl in hydro. The damage is only happening to the big older leaves. They were initially nute burned slightly, which got worse after the most recent res addition (added some azamax + coco-wet as well as re-filling 1/2 the container with nute solution).

    Now I don't know if this discoloration is from the plant putting absorbed coco-wet (essentially soap) into cells, or if its from the sudden pH change (can only imagine how many points it dropped from an addition of the same volume of nute solution to original res; probably something along the lines of 6.5 down to 5.5-5.8 )

    The dots and curling scream pH flux, but I don't know what to make of the burnt tips on the edges (this is not from the nute burn)

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  2. im not a fan of using azamax or any neem oil product on the root level (when i used it).....ive added some to my soil before and ive gotten results exactly like that. now i use neem cake.....but your hydro and thats a different ball park.

    my hypothesis (which im quite sure is the reason) is that the oil content of the azamax "chokes" out your know, like how oil and water dont mix :p

  3. Damn that's not the answer I wanted to hear; I definitely don't want the product itself causing the harm. I have mites and now that temps are warming up they are spreading despite neem oil usage + lady bugs.
  4. I've had the same problem. I tried azamax in my res, soon everything was drying up and it died. Next round I thought my problem was not enough air, added more air and everything was fine until I tried azamax again. Again everything looked like shit. Never again. The last time all I did was spray a tiny bit from my diluted spray bottle. Never again. Use that crap on your leaves and keep it out of your res. Even on leaves it seems to cause problems at the recommended dosage. I used half strength until I switched to a product called organocide. Way cheaper and works better, but keep it out of the res too. You can get it ready to use, but costs about four times what the concentrate does.
  5. Azamax sucks ass; It gave me root rot before I was using this EWC/mycos/bacillis subtillis tea. Its just that I have mites and the leaf sprays aren't working and my ladybugs aren't doing their job either! But, neither is the azamax and neem solution in the res working - the mites are spreading and its been at least two weeks since my first application of the stuff. But I guess this confirms it; no more stuff in my res.

    ~.~ time to break out the serenade, which I hate.
  6. Yeah, mites suck. I've been battling them since I got a clone from a friend. I have a perpetual grow, so they want to go box to box and I don't use the best stuff in bud. So far I've found a combo of organocide and pyrithium spray to work best for me. I use the pyrithium in the bud cycle and the organocide in the grow. Almost got them controlled, but still at it. Even when you think they are gone, keep trying to kill them. Miss one and you're back where you started.

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