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  1. I use liquid silicon a.k.a silic acid to raise my ph instead of using PH up(ph+), its better for the plants but the information im seeking is to weather there is anything good for the plants and taking PH down without actually using PH down(ph-)?
  2. lower pH so therefore You want more acidic soil? If so the only natural way I have really heard of is to throw some dead leaves, barks and natural debris ontop of your soil. Work some peat moss into the top portion of your soil don't disturb roots.
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  3. If pH up and down drops are harmful to MJ plants, mine should be dead by now...which they're not. There are other options out there that can be used to change the pH of your water, but honestly, there is no damage that I've ever been able to detect that comes from the pH up and down drops. The dilution rate pretty much removes any chance of damage from the actual chemicals themselves. Growing this stuff is already time consuming and requires a lot of work. I would much rather deal with pH up and down drops and be done with it myself. But hey, your plants, your grow, your method. Have at it. TWW
  4. Id just heard there not great for your plants and if thats the case then ill just use this product we have in our local store that sticks your ph at around 6, awesome man thankyou

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