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  1. hello all. my plants have been getting deficiencys associated with ph problems. i spent the money and bought an electric ph meter. the water i've been feeding them is 6.0 and i know that is low. i then attempted to increase the alkalinity of the solution. i used ph up from petco's fish section. when i went to try and change the ph with the ph up, nothing happened. the ph was still 6.0 on the dot. this has confused me greatly and i called the store i purchased it from only to be told they didn't know whats wrong and told me they had to get off the phone. these people just got my 110 dollars and they arent even worried when i have a problem. But alas, grass city is the real deal. we are each others teachers and vise versa. this is a great place and i'd appreciate any input on my problem.
  2. i have no knowledge of pH meters but maybe the calibration is off, i know some need to be calibrated to give an acurate reading.. id advise getting a chemical tester as well for a 2nd opinion.. good luck..
  3. So which one do you think is not working, the pH up or the meter? Which meter is it?
  4. lol nenu...That site is ???

    It takes a ton of the fishup to move ph 1 point.

    Did you calibrate your meter? It's a valid Q. and I pay 5$ for ph up an down at petco. What did you buy?

  5. hey guy why all the negative jabs anytime you dont agree with something
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    Myles117 I saw ithe vid and learned things i didnt know
  6. the meter is made by eutech instrumets/oakton. i bought it at a legit hydro store so it should be the real deal. as for the ph up im using, i did buy it at petco for around 5 dollars and its made by API. i have heard of having to callibrate the electric meters but i would hope it would come callibrated. and my theory (could easily be wrong here) is that even if it werent callibrated the reading would still increase after adding ph up to the solution. thanks for all the input and i hope i answered all of your questions.
  7. i am assuming it would be the ph up that is at fault but that is only because i have trouble believing the meter would be messed up.
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  10. dont even bother tryin to argue with this guy, hes a hater & he almost always has something negative to say, when an opinion os offered that is different then his own. Ganja Guerrilla's website IS good, it doesnt tell you how to grow from beginning to end, but, if you are having a plant problem, chances are, youll find whats wrong with it, & how to fix it fairly quickly here!

    thanks for the heads up suspect, after checking more of the advvice these two have been handing out Ill think Ill just go to another forum, where the experts actually know something
  12. Honestly, I wouldn't put much faith in this. Even a good brand can have an occassional bad apple. If you look at my thread in the grow log section you'll see I had a hellish time with my pH for a couple of weeks and it eventually turned out to be a deffective pH meter. And guess who it was made by? :rolleyes: (For what it's worth, my second one is also mayde by eutech...hope I have better luck with it lol).

    I've seen a couple of posts on other boards suggesting that fish pH doesn't work well in a hydro setup - it's not made from the right stuff. I honestly don't know though - there's a lot of conflicting information. I *do* know that the pH Up that I bought at the hydro store is made from potassium hydroxide - and potassium is good for plants. You might look and see what the fish stuff is made out of.

    While they're *supposed* to be calibrated at the factory, they can slip during shipment. I'm surprised that the people who sold you the meter didn't tell you it needed to be calibrated before use. I bought both of my meters from two different stores and both stores threw in a bottle of calibration solution at no cost with my purchase.

    Maybe, maybe not. If it's just a matter of not being calibrated correctly, you're probably right. If the meter is defective you could get readings that are all over everywhere. Calibrating it is a fairly easy way to test to be sure the meter is working right.
  13. thanks help needed. i will most likely go to the hydro store today and ask them if they will help me out and if not, ill just return it and bring my business to someone who will take care of their customers. the guy was a jerk on the phone. just kept sayin that he doesnt know much about ph then told me he had to get off the phone. wtf kinda customer care is that? o and btw do u know the ph meter u have now? maybe u could send a link so i know wat u have. thanks
  14. You should look at a BlueLap Truncheon or how ever it's spelled... :p it's like a ph testing wand, and it's very simple and accurate. I really liked how it worked when GG was using it.
  15. I use the Hanna digital pen. It does pH, temp, ppm, and EC. It is also water proof which is good because I always drop mine in the water. It is expensive though at about $135-$165.
  16. dont jump to conclusions too fast, this is an awesome site, if you wanna learn. You just have to know who to listen to, for instance, 1000 posts should be sufficient to have a good idea of what youre talkin about.
  17. i went back to the hydroponics store this evening and bought ph up that is made to be used for plants and not fish aquariums. the ph is at a nice 6.5. this is a good ph for plants, rite? if there is such a thing, wat is the perfect ph for marijuanna plants specifically?. now that i can control the ph, mite as well dial it into the perfect reading.
  18. if you are growing in soil then 6.8 would be more benificial
  19. If you're in soil, 6.8 is good, liks Suspect says. If you're in hydro tho, you need to be arount 5.5-5.8.

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