Ph fluxuation

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  1. My babies drank about 1.5 gallons per plant last week, I just started the sugar yeast co2 setup and it seems to be making a difference, my problem is I just changed out the water yesterday and my ph has risen from 5.5 to about 7.5 in 24 hours. What the he'll is going on? Is it the co2 or something, and what should I do now, just put a whole bunch of ph down or redo the water? Any thoughts? And should I dunk my roots in clean water before putting them in the new nute solution, I notice the roots always have a bunch of stuff on them after every week. Thank you
  2. Did you test the PH with the lights off or on?
  3. Made the batch of solution and it was right on at 5.5 then put it in the tent, 24 hours later I checked the buckets while the lights were on, and that's when it said 7.5-7.8
  4. It probably warmed up. That will raise pH
  5. So what do I do? Make a new batch, try to lower ph, or just let it do it's thing?
  6. I'd just try to adjust the pH as it is. You really can't do anything until the water settles in temperature wise. It will keep going up til the temperature settles, also the plants suck out different micro nutrients from the water which lowers the PPM... raising PH
  7. Alrite I'm gonna just try to adjust it then. Thanks for the advice.

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