Ph drop in veg

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  1. I just moved to new orleans and brought a single mom(blue dream), down from ohio with me. I am using single 5gl res dwc with floranova grow currentl at 600ppm(started at1000 when i got here 2 weeks ago but dropped due to slight burn and shock.
    My problem is this.
    I am seeing a constant slight drop in ph .2-.3 per day. I know that isnt alot but in 2 yrs growing with the same formula and routine i have never seen a drop, always ph goes up. When i first got here i saw signs of yellow spot and sprayed with 3-1 0rganic and fixed the humidity issue i was having. I have no signs of root rot and nom looks dark green and lush, growing well. What is going on?
  2. Beats me... I wouldn't worry about it. Personally I try not to be a slave to pH as different nutrients become more available at differing pH's. I try to stay within 5.7 to 6.2 during my runs... and only check every 2-3 days.

    Possibility of the different water supply (inherent buffering) compared to your last location... and I'm assuming you're not using RO system?

    Also I believe nitrogen toxicity shows pH drop... I'd have to go look at my charts to confirm. Google: George VanPatten charts...

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  3. Whatever it was has seemed to have fixed itself. And no I have a ro but due to roomies can't hook it up just yet. Also I've dealt with nitro tox before it's not that. Could yellow spot mess with pH?

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