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  1. might one still be considered organic if he puts PH down in his water?
  2. Citric acid would be the most common organic pH down.

    I personally haven't used a pH meter in over a decade.
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  3. its the organics sub forum

    many here know that the potential hydrogen in soil is just that

    the soil fixes any ph issues

    good luck
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  4. While a healthy and active soil constantly buffers and adjusts it's own PH as needed...If you plan on watering in any nutrients then you would want to adjust the PH into the 6.2-6.8 range for maximum plant uptake. Also wouldn't hurt to check your PH of the water you normally use. I have lived at places where the PH from the tap was very high and throwing off the effectiveness of the waterings and if I added silica, was through the roof high PH. Yes organic soil buffers and tries to balance everything. But no reason to make it harder on the soil food web. Earth Juice makes a natural PH down.
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  5. Lemon juice works fine. As said above, adjusting pH for normal watering isn't necessary in organic gardening.
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  6. Have ph down but never use it. Call me lucky but I've never had any ph problems since I've been growing. I'm very consistent in how I feed and water. Also cal-mag is used my entire grows. I think this really help plants in preventing a lot of problems.
  7. I only use organic soil
  8. you normally wouldn't need to PH your water when growing in organic soil. of course there are exceptions to the rule, the soil can handle so much, but if you use very alkaline or very acidic water, although the soil will eventually recover it might yet do damage to the plants.

    why do you want to PH your water?
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  9. so its ok for me to pour straight vinegar into my soil?
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  10. yea my tap water PH is close to 8 so that's really my problem. I'm thinking of using super soil but without the lime component so as to help keep the PH lower. I am also contemplating putting in an RO system. thanks for your feedback
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  11. I would just stick with tap water and a basic 1 stage water filter for chlorine. Bubble the water or let it sit for 24hrs before use. Much cheaper than RO and you'll have a lot less problems. Won't be having to add things like Calmg to balance out the ppms in RO water.
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