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  1. does anybody have low ph at runoff, going in at 6.0 runoff 4.8 should I worry about it,6th week of flowering, thanks mick for your input! last time I feed at full strength got nute burn at 750ppm
  2. In my experience, when ph drops that low there is a problem not far away. I found out I was allowing my coco to get to dry and this caused the ph to drop dangerously low. Soon after most of the leaves looked like garbage and the overall quality of the buds were affected.
  3. thanks, I think that is what happened to me to close to the end to mess things up now
  4. Also mean lockout to so check your EC

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  5. I thought a lock out so I flushed one I had in a small pot like seven time still couldn't get ph back to 5.8, don't have ec meter but ppms coming out are less than going in, plants look good and 46 days into flower don't want to chance having to flush with no results
  6. what about cal mag in late flower, I have well water with a ppm of 20 and ph of 5.3 has 0.26 mg/L of calcium 0.31 mg/L of mag are from a water test had done, I have been adding some Epsom, should I still use the cal mag and I am in coco

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