Pets with Pothead names

Discussion in 'Pets' started by xplicitcontent, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. My guinea pig Chronic Clyde.
  2. my cat is named skunk..
  3. I was going to name my cat with something that went with marijuana, but it just didn't fit him. When he gets high, all he did was I named him Chunky Butt and the name fits him perfectly. His butt is about twice as big as his head now. LOL.
  4. When we got our doggie, it was a family dog so I couldnt put that much into it like Id like to, but I helped named a friends dog "Blazer" and how appropriate!! the dog loves to hang around when we all blaze and loves catching the smoke if we blow it his way!!
  5. its hard to name a pet with a pothead term without family knowing. I would've named my guinea pig chronic, but had to add clyde and said it was like a superhero (cough cough, yea right)
  6. Just chronic- have you never heard of bluntman and chronic... the greatest comic superheroes ever?
  7. i used to have hermet crabs named milo and odis, and cheech and chong, and my dogs name is kosmo kramer.
  8. My friend has a wiener dog named wiener does that count ;)
  9. aaaaaw!!! I *always* wanted to get a wiener dog and call him wiener dog!!! thats so funny that you mentioned that!! :D
  10. It cracks me up everytime someone yells for him to come inside ;)
  11. i wonder what the neighbours think :)

  12. my fraind has a blood hound and his name is stoner becouse thary eyes make them look stond all the time so his name is stoner qand he loves when we smoke weed
  13. lol we used to have this wild alley dog that was basically homeless and came to out alley everynight for food...we named him roach becuase we'd always feed him the roach whenever we were done...we'd make him sit and do tricks everytime...he thought it was a doggy treat or we always fed him the roaches.
  14. Kushy
    Sr Dank

    my pipes are treated as family. so i thought i might as well.
  15. holy shit look at all the red names in this thread

  16. I was just thinking the same thing
  17. My cat is named Cheech! :hello:
  18. I have a fish named cannabis.
  19. I've got a cat named Floyd, a fish named Gonzo and a hamster named Don Vito Corleone (Vito for short, not that I call my hamster much ha)

    Not really pothead names, but kinda cool nontheless :D
  20. A friend has a dog named Marley. (happened before marley and me just btw)

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