Pets named after your obsession?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by STONEDOG, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. Just wondering if anyone else has named a pet because of certain influences in your life namely weed?
    My doggy is named after Sativa being African born.

    Smoke it before the dog finds it!
  2. Yeah, I named my cat doobie
  3. Naming my new cat Wander after the video game character from Shadow of the Colossus which my girlfriend and I love. My name is the only one not weed related lol 
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    My dad named our dog "Raider" because we are fans of the Oakland Raiders (sorry it's not weed related).
  5. it's all good though as long as your dog doesn't also get beat on a regular basis, like the Raiders.
  6. Lupo, my dogs named after the Latin for wolf, he's a pitbull cross who hides behind me when he sees a cat.

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  7. Haha poor thing

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  8. LOL, good one. I'm always getting crap from my buddies because I live in San Diego and most of them are Chargers fans. My dad always jokes that the Chargers don't need a ring finger because they have never won a super bowl (and got the ring) while the Raiders have won 3 ;)
  9.  I'm totally naming the next pet i get "mandingo"
      hahaha  imagine it being 2am, and you hear someone calling "MANDINGO... MAAAAAAANDINGO!! WHERE ARE YOOOOUUU?"
  10. I have a cat named Bob and a cat named Marley. Then I have a pit named Clyde and a pit named bonnie

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  11. I have a corso named Buddha and a shih-tzu names Bella I'm pretty a sure they are both weed strains.
  12. Cunt?
    Chocolate cheesecake? 
    My obsession names aren't that good.

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