Petition to remove cannabis as Schedule I

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Big H, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. A petition recently surfaced on the the White House website calling for the removal of cannabis as a Schedule I. A Schedule I substance is recognized by the government as a drug that hold no medicinal value and has high potential for abuse. We already know the medicinal powers of cannabis so it's about time our government does the same. This is a huge step forward for the legalization movement so take five minutes of your time and sign the petition here.

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    Big H
  2. Every year another one gets made, but I'll sign this one too.
  3. need to take marijuana out of secule
  4. Every year. Lol. There is a new one every week.
  5. Hell yeah, dude!!!!

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  6. Nice thought, but like the other threads like this one it probably won't do much. Sorry. 
  7. only 99,000 away!! Not gonna happen thru a petition. Mueller better reschedule it.
  8. 10x as many people signed the one that will stop the guy from allowing a boa to eat him
  9. I'm Signature # 966    :gc_rocks:
  10. society is so wonderful aint it. Ive seen a lot of petitions on ebola. or petitions on african children not having any food or water. Hello, legalizing weed will help that(hemp) :/
  11. 97k before dec.6th i dont think this is going to happen but everyone counts i guess!
  12. Why do we not set up something with NORML with a funded social media web page, telling people they can vote on this straight from their phones in under 1 minute... every pothead in the world would do it. it's just about spreading the word about the petition, I could ask anyone I know and they
    wouldn't even know this existed

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