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Discussion in 'Politics' started by PrincessTHC, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. So.... Obama made up a lovely, lil website called We the People for online petitions to go through. The first round of petitions got an overwhelming response and 8 petitions were towards legalizing cannabis which in total got around 100,000 votes.

    After all, it just takes an account and a click! That can't argue with the numbers as long as the numbers are there!

    According to We The People, Obama was going to respond to the most-voted on petitions. How did he vote on this mass amount of petition signatures? He let his Drug Czar write a quickie blog post with a whole buch of BS and stretching the truth so far that it becomes a lie... Aka... "NO!" >!/response/what-we-have-say-about-legalizing-marijuana

    But, we're not going to take this "NO!". It is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Putting aside that the AMA, American Cancer society and other highly reputable, credible scientific communities have already brought up that cannabis doesn't belong in schedule 1 (let alone illegal at all)... AMA Calls for Feds to Review Marijuana Restrictions - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

    Now there are new petitions because saying NO to 100,000 American citizens is not right.... I urge people on this board to get involved and vote on what they can. Maybe it won't change anything, but hey... 100,000 people made the Drug Czar's aide write up a crappy letter, who knows what might happen if we keep pestering them?



    Remind Obama and Gil YOU ARE NOT ABOVE US. You are suppose to BE US! >

    Treat Alcohol and Cigarettes like they do Cannabis right now! Stop being hypocrites, DEA! >

    Pardon Marc Emery >!/petition/pardon-marc-emery/z7QQdhq7

    There are a bunch more! I recommend toking and going through the list and signing whatever you agree with! :smoke:
  2. askin them to ban alcohol and tobacco doesnt seem like a very good idea. Seems to go against the whole notion of limited government oversight.

  3. Agreed but it forces their hand. and if for some reason they do it will add ALOT of ppl to the list of ppl whose drug of choice is regulated. Plus I would love to get rich off of selling bootleg liquor and home grown tobbaco!
  4. Seeing as they just released a lie-ridden response to the 8 petitions they received so far, I'm thinking this avenue may not be too effective. It's better than nothing, I guess.
  5. Lol... some people just don't get it. Obviously the gov't doesn't give a flying fuck that you guys wanna legalize.
  6. [quote name='"ProvidencePlant"']Lol... some people just don't get it. Obviously the gov't doesn't give a flying fuck that you guys wanna legalize.[/quote]

    Yup. This is nothing more than a pr stunt
  7. Oh I get it. Doesn't mean I don't want to buzz in the government's ear. Maybe try to fly into the FDA's morning coffee...

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