Peter Tosh

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  1. Man I scraped up some bits of weed made a nice bowl and toked it outside. Now I'm listening to Peter Tosh "Dread or Alive,"

    Awesome...anyone else like a Peter Tosh song and any ones you would suggest to me?
  2. The records Equal Rights and Legalize it are both amazing and have tons of great songs, check em out.
  3. Legalize It album is amazing. Here's one of my favorite songs by him..

    [ame=""]YouTube - Peter Tosh - I Am That I Am[/ame]
  4. Peter Tosh (R.I.P.) doesn't get enough reconigtion and he is the man. I love all his music.
  5. did you get that song from pineapple express?

    i did
  6. Jah Guide and I am that i am

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