PETA killed nearly 2,000 shelter animals in 2013 - report

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    How is euthanasia moral but killing a deer for food and to keep the population from getting out of control immoral? 

  2. It's PETA's fault for irresponsible pet owners!
  3. Im guessing you never worked at a Animal shelter before dude...
  4. Based on PETA's ideals that killing animals is murder then they would have committed 2000 murder no? I am pointing out their hypocrisy. I am well aware of the realities of animal shelters. I have worked for a no kill animal shelter, I have fostered numerous animals since I was a kid. I always fix my animals and I educate family and friends about the importance of neutering your cats and dogs. However I don't call eating a steak or having some bacon murder they do. 
  5. It isn't immoral to kill an animal for food or for population least not in my opinion.  Of course morality is extremely subjective.  What I do think is immoral though, is sport hunting.  Killing should always be done either for "the greater good" (yeah I know it's a loose term) or for food, not for fucking sick trophies.
    Since it isn't necessary for humans to eat meat to survive, they see the slaughter of animals for food as murder, but euthanasia as moral.  I can see the difference and their point, I just disagree with it.  I would agree though that the poor treatment of animals, prior to them being killed and eaten should be a crime and punishable.   Big Ag factory animal farms and slaughter houses operating under the same umbrella are some of the most despicable businesses on the planet.
  6. I can kind of see your point monk, but I strongly disagree with them. PETA annoys the hell out of me with that hypocrisy. I have a bunch of pets and love them and I love animals and abhor animal abuse but I still hunt. I hunt for food and respect the animal I kill.
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    This is very important. I myself am a vegetarian, but I greatly respect hunters who understand and uphold the value of animal life. Too many people see hunters as soulless poachers, yet they unwittingly support a food industry that enslaves and slaughters one hundred fold the number of animals killed by hunters and immoral poachers (note the intentional distinction). In many parts of the world, people still hunt for their primary source of food. These people, due to the adversity they experience every day, are actually more in tune with nature and the value of life than those who can drive to a supermarket and pick up a unit/case of neatly packaged and prepared meat for future consumption. By facing the true reality of stalking, killing, gutting, cleaning, preparing, and storing morally acquired meat, people who hunt are exponentially more connected to the fragility and value of animal life. This point is nearly impossible to drive home to those that support organizations like PETA - they live in a massively developed, 'civilized' (another word for wealthy, however it is still possible to be morally bankrupt in a wealthy nation, sometimes even more so) society that is completely disconnected from real-world survival and food acquisition. It's easy to hate something you don't understand, and hard to appreciate something you have never faced yourself...
  8. According to petas logic we should euthanize a vast majority of the worlds population against their will especially in 3rd world coubtries where they starve to death anyway!

    Idk about you guys, but im for giving them a fighting chance to survive instead of killing them for their own good

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  9. Releasing them into the wild is moraly superior to just offing them

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  10. Whats moral about releasing animals that are conditioned to survive off of humans, into the wild were they will die slowly of starvation? Im not supporting peta either, just saying either option isnt moral.
    I am an environmentalist and pro animal rights, but fuck peta. I have wanted to go vegetarian after killing a deer or pig, but overall I think its fine to kill an animal that your going to eat if it has had a good life
    The farm we get our pork and beef from has a motto:
    "our animals have all had a fantastic life.  And one bad day" :)
  12. was with you till you said 'importance of neutering', im dissapoint
  13. The best thing to do for stray animals is to kill them ir adopt them out. if they are unadoptable, they need to be put down.
    I love animals and I know how this makes animals lovers feel, but most animal lovers cause more suffering. Feeding strays only allows them to breed causing mnay more cats and dogs to be born into the life of a stray.

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