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  2. what a beautiful snake
  3. A while ago I came across a rattlesnake that had cornered a rat..

    After a 10 minute stalemate, that rattler bit the rat, however the rat latched on and chewed the snake's face up really badly, the left jaw was severed..

    The rat died, and the snake was unable to eat..

    Snakes generally accept dead prey, they cant afford to pass up easy food in the wild..
  4. My parents dont like to have snakes also. Its dangerous specially for kids.
  5. No it isn't.  of all snake species on earth, only a handful are dangerous, and the ones that are generally aren't kept as pets, anyway.
    I just wish i could like.. force people to read about animals with a gun..
    ...and maybe a little bit of raep. :laughing:
  6. "Lucifer"

    Always wanted a snake and finally got my license a month ago after a mate decided to sell up.
    Amazing creatures and this one an unbelievable character. Loves to lay around with people, hangs out with the kids, and once he's had enough he heads off to his enclosure for a nap.
    Over here we can't feed live either but to be honest he won't eat them anyway, why hunt when food is put in front of you anyway?
    I'm still shocked at how friendly and affectionate they can be. Lucifer has only ever bitten once when he was young. Only due to being handling directly after a feed.



  7. reptiles are misunderstood by the general public..  people will kill them for no reason. 
     my neighbor is terrified of lizards, it's hilarious.  She found a little alligator lizard in her backyard and ran to me screaming, telling me to remove it for her.
     here are some snake species from my area:
    Rosy Boa
    California coastal mountain kingsnake
    Chaparral whipsnake 
    Rubber boa
     pacific gopher snake
     Coast garter snake
     California glossy snake
     san diego nightsnake 
     I did not take any of these pictures.
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    my green tree python. I have two other snakes also!
    ball python interrupting my reading 
  9. I want a snake now :(
    How much does it cost to take care of em?
  10. snakes make awesome have some beautiful snakes there my the juvi green tree...
    i got a ball python myself...shes super chill, loves to just hang out and chill....but its more exciting than cats or dogs, because you know they will never be truly domesticated...they are beautiful and deadly at the same time..:love: not really deadly all.. :D
  11. Most of the money is spent on the enclosure. you need a tank with a locking lid that i usually spend like $80 depending on the size. you also need bedding for them so that's at least $10 a bag, heat pads cost like 15-45 bucks depending on the size. and you need 2 hides and a water bowl for the snake so that's another 20 at least. and you haven't even gotten the snake yet! but they only eat once every week or two depending on the size and a mouse is usually around $2 where i get them. I have 4 snakes now so i just started breeding my own mice. compared to some of my other pets snakes are really cheap to maintain and you can leave them alone for awhile and they will be fine. 
    thanks man :) yeah I like the danger aspect of it a lot, it makes you respect nature. I keep some venomous scorpions also now :) 
    shit like that makes me sick :( I take better care of my animals than I do myself some days lol
    You asked, here's a few of my Pueblan having a mouse dinner:

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  13. Looking at this thread makes me miss my snakes so damn bad. Havent kept any in over a couple years. Had all kinds like corns, milks, king, pythons, boas, etc. I use to feed mine live and frozen because each snake was different. The whole live feeding thing is okay with me because mice/rats are some of the most disgusting/disease carrying varmints. I've also kept scorpions as one poster put in this thread but nothing dangerous except an Arizona Bark Scorpion which is like a 4 out of 5 on the scale of venom potency. The one poster who posted the one snake is that a jungle carpet python?? Heard they can be bitey and nasty but some are more calmer than others.
  14. that story is so sad about those kids......sad obviously for the family, and everyone involved and sad that its preventable.....also sad about the effects this is going to have on the herp community...anything "python" associated is gonna have some fallout....i had two people bring it up to me yesterday...because i have a ball python! the little tiny guys! people saying you gotta get rid of it and stuff.. its just not like that...but try explaining that :rolleyes:
    venomous is outta my area though...i respect those that keep em (properly) and they are gorgeous.. i just wouldnt want to deal with those repercussions at all, i guess scorpions are a little different still.
  15. Some guy that works in my neighborhood during the summer doing landscaping has venomous snakes and also had an alligator.  He kept the gator in his dad's basement for a few years, then last winter while he was away at school, his dad got rid of it when it crawled out of the spare bathtub Jeff kept it in.  He's really into reptiles and he's studying Marine Biology in college so I guess it's OK for him to keep those venomous snakes, me....NO WAY!!!   They would scare me.  I just don't like snakes striking at me, even my own Pueblan Milk Snake, which it does when it's really hungry and I go to feed it.  It's not after me just the food but it still freaks me out and it pull back my hand as fast as I can...didn't get bit yet, hope I never do.
  16. My thing is if it has a mouth it will bite and everyone gets bit sooner or later.

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  17. yeah I use 10" feeding tongs to feed all my critters. I'm gonna have to get bigger ones too cause my hand is still in strike range with a few of my snakes even with the tongs
  18. When guys say they "hate" snakes, it really means they're terrified of them and don't want to admit it. Tell your mom's bf I said stop being a pussy.

    If your friend had a turtle and it bit him, would they be against you getting a turtle? Snakes are purely instinctual, if they bite you it's because you provoked them. I've been bitten by my Dumeril's boa, and each time it was my fault. I was bitten by my old ball python once, and again it was my fault.

    Also, live mice are not bad for a snake. That's fucking retarded. People feed snakes pre-killed mice/rats because sometimes the rat will fight back and they can seriously injure the snake. It's simply safer for the snake to eat an already dead prey item.
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    That's EXACTLY why he got bit. The snake learned to associate his hand inside the enclosure with feeding time. That's why for every snake I've owned, I have a seperate plastic tub that I feed them in. The last thing you want is a large constrictor thinking your hand is a prey item.

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