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  1. I have friends that have snakes and i think that they are the most beautiful reptiles ever and i want one for a pet but my parents are not down for have a snake in the house, my friend got bit buy his red tail boa and they were like do you want that to happen to you? I tried to explain with ever pet theres a chance of being bit. Any ideas on convincing them to letting me have one?
  2. Don't show them this picture of my snake eating, it might scare them. It's a Pueblan Milk Snake and very pretty so maybe if they saw one not eating a mouse they might think it's OK.

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  3. how friendly is your snake?
  4. I want a ball python with a killer bee morph, trying to convince my mom n gf to let me get one, gf scared if snakes and moms bf hates snakes lol
  5. It's quite friendly...not aggressive and quite shy. It's never shown any aggression to humans or other pets. I feed it dead's never killed a live mouse.
  6. Man snakes are my fav animal, i have had a few pythons and lizards, all kinds of frogs ect .... He prob got bit cuz he reaches his hand down into the habitat when he feeds his snake mice. I was told by a big snake owner that you should take the snake out to feed. His big ass snake tried to eat his dog once and would have deff killed it but he had heard in a constrictor attack case to throw buckets of freezing water on the snake.
  7. Live mice are deff a good show. But if you start feeding your snake live food it will prob not like pre heated pinkys lol.
  8. i had a royal python(ball python) and there lovely handle the well and they wont bite just never go from above and dont put your finger infront of there fave when there hungry and you wont get biten.

    take it your in usa as in uk you cant feed live here and its not the best for them as one they dont take dead well after and the mouse can fight back too.

    take them to the reptile place get shoe them you handling a young one and see if they will stroke it and go there a few times and it shoudd de sensatise them to snakes but they can reach 6ft and live 30+ years
    then milk snakes are good if there sinalone milks they stay fairly small and look amazing bit like a coral just no venom
  10. it not there bad nor did i say bad i said its not best 1if you went to dead mice afyer live she might not take it as she would be used to live they can be stubbon and not feed for months ive known one not toneat for a year and she had to be force fed i used to work in a reptile shop ive kept snakes and lizards and bred them. 2 snakes and mice are in the open in the wild and snakes ambush there prey and in a viv they tend to corner the mouse and the mouse will fight back if cornered and can bite your snake and although the mouse will ultimatly lose your snake will still have bite marks and wounds which could become infected why put her at that risk if there are ways round that.
  11. I only do live, its exciting to hear the mouse squeaking and when the little guy does start chomping down on my snake he really gets the squeeze . You can hear there bones braking and see ribs getting pushed threw there skin.
  12. I wouldn't want to hear t he mouse squeaking or hearing bones breaking while the snake eats it alive. I know it happens in nature but I'd rather not see or hear it. I'd probably feel sorry for the poor little mouse....they're actually quite cute and I've had mice as pets when I was a kid. Rats are a different story...if I had a snake large enough to eat rats....I'd go for it. It wold be even cooler to have wild rats from the gheto for the snake to enjoy.
  13. I will only feed dead, il never put a mouse through that, seen a herbal at a pet store survive 5 eating attempts from a snake and never see a animal more petrified, we eventually had to feed him to another snake that was faster ,man did that thig run, I could ne'er hear a mouse getting eating or squeak, id want to save them, makes me sad though also that they have to wait until rats and fully grown and then freeze them, wish there was a more humane way to put the rats to sleep and not hvw to freeze them it's so sad
  14. Your right it is kinda sad, the mice fight for there lives and often don't make a sound until after being bitten and rapped up into a bone snapping ball, I've seen there guts pushed out there ass hole before they started crying for life. At that point there voice dies with there last breath and shortly after one animal is given life and another's is violently taken. Can u imagine a 60 ft conda rapping you up?
  15. Man its sad but if you want to Owen a rat or what ever, most things eat other living things. I favor the snake and lizard over any animal on earth so I feel triumph watching the kill, we had a turtle that could eat all kinds of shit, I'd buy diff cheap Walmart exotic fish and take them home, dump them in all at ounce and we all would take bets on witch type of fish could out live and out swim the turtle the longest. Big fish little fish, mice, frogs. That's life giving life.
  16. Getting a blue eyed lucistic ball python so excited!
  17. Pics man I wan c it.
  18. Im just curious how the place you buy them dead from kills em
  19. most use a anashetic gas which puts them to sleep humanly and then freeze them none of which effects the snake
  20. Il find pics/but il also take pcs when I'm at store tmrw, it's so beautiful it's pure white,never seen any snake like it and when your breeding them its only a 20% chance youl get that color

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