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  1. So there's this chick I talk to from time to time, and every conversation we have she asks me if I still smoke weed. Of course I do, so I tell her and she always responds with either ew or stop it's bad for you. One time she went as far as to say it's greasy, this really pissed me off. I proceeded to tell her how greasy it is to be a functional member of society while she is jobless and poor, and I told her that her bf was greasy :). Have any fellow blades ever told some uneducated weed basher off?
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    Fuck yeah, I freaked the fuck out on my sister for telling my nieces and nephews I was a loser for smoking pot.

    Well at least I educated my niece about it so I didn't need to say anything, my baby girl threw down some shit about is beneficial uses and pretty much non-exsistant addiction to it. She also explained how ridiculous it is to judge someone, especially when the person is a family member.

    Then I told her it was stupid for her to judge me when I found her fucking weed 6 years ago before she met her anti-pot husband.

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