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  1. After i used neem oil for white flies DE and BT for caterpillar prevention my buds don't smell good anymore. I did not over dose it. Will the smell come back? They are about 2 or 3 weeks in flowering. Should I rinse?

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  2. Never spray buds at any point in flower. They may recover.
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  3. Then how do you take care of pests?

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  4. Do I just put it around the stem or what?

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  5. Hey there, I'm new to site but not the life. Cheers.
    Mix neem with your water and dose it systemically. It's safe to mix with (most) nutrients. I dose neem every other watering during flower. Never any bugs and I'm outdoor. Just be sure to flush with everything else 2 weeks out.
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  6. *i also dose silica, strengthens the cell walls, offering a bit more resilience against pests, heat and drought. Also, it will add a bit more heft to your yield.
    Just my $.02
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  7. Insecticidal soaps and yest based insecticides. The yeast based sprays can be mixed at various strengths depending on your needs.
  8. You really are not looking to have a pest free grow, just keeping things under control. If the bugs don't want to eat it, why do you want to smoke it?
  9. Neem oil, soaps, any of that stuff is a waste of money and just stresses your plant and makes it all a toxic atmosphere.
    White fly is pretty rare on weed. You sure? Send a pic? Either way, if you’re growing outdoors and keep the soaps, oils, chemicals off your crop then the native beneficial insects will show up to help out. You should have Stratiolaelaps scimitus in your crop to help take care of soil pests, and Neoseiulus Fallacis on the plants to take care of spider mites, broad mite, russet mites and the like. Pests are no problem in this crop. No need for chemicals.

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