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peruvian torch flesh, I NEED JO HELP!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by ziggyshugenadz, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. so i found a place that sells the skin from peruvian torch cactus and i want to know a few things for anyone that has experince with this or any peruvian torch/san pedro cactus. how many DRY grams is a good begginer dose? is the taste horrible? i know theres mescaline in it but i want to make sure is it as good as peyote? please help me peoples i am very interested in this stuff i have done alot of searching/reading and i cant alot of information on mescaline! once again HELP!
  2. The skin is typically what you do not want at all. There are venders that sell the green flesh right underneath the skin, but outside the white core. They sell it in powder form as an incense. This is the most potent part of the cactus, and is what is most desirable. Typically, you can do an ethanol extraction and let it evaporate and drink however much you believe is desirable. Cacti really tend to vary in their potencies, so it's always best to buy a large amount of powder (about 100-200 g) and start from 30g and up.

    Peruvian Torch is typically not as strong as peyote. Sometimes, very reputable vendors will have Peruvian Torch that is close to the potency of peyote. Peruvian Torch has higher potency than San Pedro, but the problem is that the potency seems to have higher variation in the Peruvian Torch.

    I'm sorry to say, but the skin isn't the most ideal site for mescaline. In my experience, while using whole cacti, they are stripped of their skins and the insides are used for consumption.

    Erowid.org has a fairly good amount of information on mescaline, and their vault on cacti will have various extraction procedures you could use although I find a simple grain extraction one of the most efficient with most plant extractions.
  3. From everything i've read, there is still a lot of debate on where the highest concentration of mesacline is. Some say its in the skin, some say its just under the skin, and some say its in the fleshy area between the core and the skin.

    I definitely wouldnt trust a powdered "incense". Too many outside variables.

    Your best bet is to obtain a few cuttings of peruvian torch, san pedro, or peyote's legal cousin ( i cant remember its name but peyote is "Lophophora Williams" and the legal stuff is "Lophophora ___________") and make yourself a smoothie or boil it down and drink the liquid. The exact recipies are on erowid. They work quite nicely. :)

  4. damn thats what it meant. sorry for confusing you thats what i meant
  5. well thanks both you guys i guess im gonna try this for sure then.

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