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  1. Hey folks,

    it has been about a year now without smoking weed. I had to stop because of two reasons.
    First I had some doctor appointments for my job and second of all there were some personal problems I had to deal with.

    I always have been someone who makes flat jokes, who can laugh about myself. Back then I was kinda shy when it comes to meeting new people or smalltalk.

    I noticed that after a while smoking there were some changes in my personality. I started to become more introvert and stopped making these flat jokes. All in all I've become more retiring and you may say shy?

    Now I am able to talk to strangers without a problem. I can ask or tell them stuff without a sweat what as been always a hard thing to do for me. I still hate smalltalk but I've become better in it tho.

    There are some good but also a lot negative changes that came with weed.
    Is there anyone who can relate to my experience or who may be able to give me some advice?

    Thank you for reading and ignoring my bad english ;)
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  2. Perhaps keeping your use of marijuana secret was weighing on your psyche. Now that you don't have anything to hide you don't need to be as guarded and are free to let others into your life. But perhaps not.
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  3. Each of us is different when it comes to past history, personality partially created by concepts, brain chemistry, neurology, genetics in general, parental influences, etc..

    Some people feel more inhibited when they are high or even when they dope up daily regardless of being high or not.. Perhaps going to the supermarket knowing you use a crutch or are out and about with an illegal smile caused some discomfort... Being ancient, i remember clearly the 70's when it was 2 types of people in perceived by blazers... We were the heads and they were rednecks or straight.. many of us felt uncomfortable around those who didn't indulge as they were much more mellow, laid back, allowing, free thinking, etc...

    The rednecks or straights were uptight and serious although many would get shit faced drunk & fight without reason, at least that was our perception... bottom line is if you don't have a habit or crutch that isn't fully accepted by society regardless of their type, it can make some be more inhibited (nervous or shy)... Not to say this applies to you... but you asked..

    i do think it is common for many to become withdrawn when they use cannabis regularly due to all of the above mentioned differences... it can bring on paranoia even psychosis for certain make ups, but for most only neurosis for the most part... lol
  4. I have rare moments of completely clamming up in social situations, but normally will talk to anyone about anything and have no problem introducing myself to people and striking up conversations.

    I found that many people in my circle had no idea I used marijuana..
    Once they found out, THEIR personalities changed.

    Sometimes mj seems to create that feeling of desire for isolation, but the more I've thought about that,
    I realize it's where my mood already was regardless of the choice to use mj in that depressed state.

    The psyche is powerful if we take the time to recognize our own distinct parameters of limitation.
    Marijuana is a mind altering substance, but what is in our mental core when we choose to use can be the difference between feeling morose or euphoric. The different qualities of various strains of MJ can increase or inhibit some of that core mental state, but I would never solely place it in the role of definitive causality to anti-social tendencies.

    Sometimes we hate being around people for good reasons totally unrelated to mind altering drugs.
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  5. In my world Weed is expensive, I try to keep it as such, it prevents loosers and wasters even moochers knocking themselves off
    Like many in the US know... suffering various Psycotic fits etc and reduces CHS too

    Weed ain't for everyone


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