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  1. Been rolling spliffs with some Mango Peel ( strain of dank ) and american spirit lights tobacco; using raw 1 & 1/4 rolling papers. They are really nice, about to smoke one on my deck once my brother goes to sleep. Had one this morning for a wake and bake, was really nice. Just reclined out on my deck smoking the spliff after I woke up. The mango peel is really fluffy, fruity bud. The jar smells so sweet.

    Opinions on spliffs / personal spliffs ?
  2. Spliffs can be nice, but even being a smoker a much prefer a normal joint, tobacco just ruins it for me sometimes.

    P.S I don't think mango peel is a real strain..
  3. what makes a strain "real"? (serious question)
  4. [quote name='"9D3"']
    what makes a strain "real"? (serious question)[/quote]

    Well by my definition; something that is tried and true, has been though the motions of getting tested by smokers, put in dispencerys, and been tested for potency, genetics, etc.

    Though how one goes about getting such things done, I have no clue. :smoke:
  5. You were right is just Mango, not Mango Peel. Could be a cross-strain , but it is definitely legit because a close family member grew it and shared some. It was a nice spliff, burned for 16 minutes but I got way too heavy of a nicotine effect from it .. disgusting.
  6. Ugh ya that nicotine overkill in a Spliff is the worst sometimes. :smoke: and enjoy that bud, mangos are the shit haha.
  7. Yeah I live in Greece (I'm American), and everyone here rolls spliffs. Personally, I'm not that big of a fan, they burn a hell of a lot slower than a pure joint but the tobacco taste really ruins the bud. Plus, no matter how much weed I use, if I mix tobacco in it I still don't get as high as I would if I would have skipped the baccy and rolled it pure.
  8. Yea I am kind of ashamed that I had already rolled a nice sized spliff with a generous amount of tobacco . . whatever though I have like a gram or more to roll a blunt with so not too bad.
  9. True, thats the only plus I really see about spliffs, is that you can roll a decent sized joint and not rape your stash completely.

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