Personal opinions on A-Train, MK Ultrawreck, LSD, Acapulco Gold?

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  1. Looking for info on the strains listed below. In particular, how they smoke/potency, how it made you feel, and if you grew it, what your impression was. I've found limited info on some of them searching GC and Google and would of course rather have personal user comments than breeder/seller default info.

    A-Train (TH), MK Ultra Wreck (TH), LSD (Barney's), Acapulco Gold (Barney's)

    I'm popping some Mandala Satori and Kalichakra now (had both before and very much enjoyed 'em) and after those I need to decide on one more (I already have all of these seeds). I will probably decide between just the indicas as both the Mandala strains are heady and I'll need a downer, but if you have experience with the Acapulco I would love to hear it.
  2. I've smoked a-train but never really grew it, my guy called it "affwreck" really good smoke. Never grown any of those myself.
  3. Right on, thank you for your input. It's hard to find info on some of these via searching Google and forums. "a train," for example, is so vague brings up all sorts of mess.

    I am curious to give TH Seeds another try. I had some Wreckage seeds a while back that I was very excited about (I adore Trainwreck) but it was the most spindly, ridiculous plant, was so finicky about watering and nutrients and the yield was pitiful (like, really really pitiful). It grew right next to a Mandala Kalichakra, which I didn't have to LST, grew the perfect height, loved whatever I did, and yielded huge. May have been some bunk beans, they were freebie regs from A'tude.

    What's your favorite Trainwreck based commercially available strain?
  4. Dropped my A-Train seed in water over a heating pad barely 24hrs ago and it's already popped. This is a good sign :) Also dropped the LSD (I'm pretty excited about this one too) but no movement from that one yet.

    You might be the person to ask about this. I once had a strain called 'Golden Gorilla,' and I have never seen it anywhere. Just came from a local guy, and it completely tore. my. face. off. I have been looking for it in seed form to no avail. Ever heard of it?
  5. I've grown both LSD & MK ultra, Both wonderful smoke and good yields . I say buy a pack of LSD and MKULTRA WRECK!, thats what i did for next year, sounds like the ultimate smoke adding trainwreck to it!
  6. Thanks for the feedback mate! I do have seeds for both of those strains. Started off with the A-Train and the LSD. Will clone and grow those out for a while and then move onto the Ultra Wreck and Acapulco.
  7. next year i wanna cross a tw dom pheno with LSD, LSDWreck <3
  8. If you want something to put you down at night, and not have stretch issues, World of Seeds Afghan Kush will do the trick. Almost no stretch, done in 55 to 60 days in flower, covered in resin, and hits like a freight train.
  9. Both LSD and A-Train have been growing since the first week of October. The A-Train is nearly twice as tall and looking like it's going to be quite spindly. The LSD is incredibly compact, incredibly green and just a beautiful looking plant all around. I'm really looking forward to growing this one out.
  10. my lsd...8 week straight to flower from seed...

    lsd buds


    sweet strain...might be a staple in my the lsd/wreck idea...or lsd/medicine man black widow..sweet:hello:

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