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Discussion in 'General' started by wak, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Alright so today i woke up and it finaly happend i just thought thats it. im doing sumthing with my life, im gonna take a course. i have bin waiting for myself to get up and think that for a few months now, quite glad it happend but here is my problem. i smoke.... alot, im not normal if im not stoned now adays. im oviously not gonna be able to do this for long so i need a drug in pill/powder form witch is realy "mongey" that i could take in a classroom. anyideas?

    + any tips for the typical lazy stoner going back into life after a long while?
  2. I'm a full time student, who smokes like an 1/8th a day, and I function at college, better than most. It's mind over matter dude, you can do it if you WANT to, you don't need help getting to class, if you do, you're wasting your money because you obviously don't truly wanna be there in the first place.
  3. I dont do shit, but, i work mass. I smoke atleast an 8th a day. But, im going to cut down maybe.

    Honestly, if you think concentrating on life is hard with weed... its gonna be alot harder facing a pill/powder addiction.

    It's not even worth it, just stick to your herb, plain and simple man. :smoke:
  5. Ya man dont try to replace weed with some pills or lines, itll just make things that much harder for you.

    Keep smoking the herb, take a break if you really need to. But dont try to replace it with other drugs.

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