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    Just starting a record of my progress as I go thru this project. Feel free to post advice or critiques if a more trained eye spots something I'm unaware of! This will be my 4th overall attempt, 1st in about 5 years.

    Apologies for formatting, doing all this from mobile. Pics and posts.

    Specs: 400w HPS from seedling to harvest. Moderate LST, still learning on that front. 5 plants, 4 started simultaneously w/ one straggler a couple weeks younger. Crowded! 3 Big Black Indica & 2 Cappuccino 420 from AMS.

    Tomorrow (7/22/17) will be the 4th full week of flowering.

    IMAG1977.jpg IMAG1979.jpg IMAG1982.jpg IMAG1980.jpg IMAG1981.jpg
  2. In an otherwise healthy plant, one of the colas has some new sprout coming outta the top. Anybody seen this before or know what causes it?

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