Persephone by Shakespeare's Ghozt

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  1. Persephone

    yes, he reflects
    but to possess is to be possessed
    to stress and obsess and if love is a game of chess
    it follows that it is the mighty queen who puts the king in check
    mated in the flesh, for it is she who raided his chest, now he,
    bereft of breath, must breathe her essence, less he is left with a she-shaped crevice where his heart use to be.
    True, Hades duped Persephone and fed her his blessed seeds
    but she is her own her light, she took his when she stepped to leave. His vision now dim, his kingdom now grim, He is now nameless for without she, he is not him. A pilgrim, He waits for her blessing
    A pauper, a possessor possessed of his possession

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