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  1. this is my design for a grow room that harvests every week
    its still only on paper and needs some preplanning and such but heres a general sketch of things.

    the room is W11'4" and L11'
    each black circle is a 5 gal black DWC bucket they are 1' in diameter.
    if this works right i want to harvest 3 plants every week and maybe alternate strains each week for variety:p.
    whenever i harvest the 3 plants from the week 9 buckets. i take the netpot lids with the plants in them, of week 8 and move it over to week 9, (and move week 7 to week8 etc etc)
    then i will have week 1 of my veg room be empty to fill with a rooted clone. and continue this process to harvest 3 plants every week. first ill need to find a 9 week strain i want then build the room and all of that. but does this seem plausible to you all? and if you have any question/criticisms just shoot.

    PS: the image is huge sorry about that but all of it is to scale except for the mother/clone room.
  2. I would use the most of that room for flowering and give the plants more room. Thinks you are pushing it with the amount of plants just with 2 600 hps. I grow 10 plants in a 5 foot NFT tray and light it with 2 600 hps. You are going to have vering plant hights there and feels that it would work mutch better if you went with 3 lights instead of 2. There is also the issue of suporting the buds thats going to be hard to do when your moving the plants over.
  3. you raise a good point about the lights i might use 2 600's and 1 400 watt hps. i cant really go much higher than that without having a horrendous electric bill. as for supporting the plants. im sure i can devise a way to have some type of support stick connected to the netpot lid to tie the plant up to
  4. what does everyone think about 3 400watt hps in the flower room?
  5. 3 x 400w, good bulbs with electronic ballasts with good reflectors possibly cool tubes so you can keep the lights closer.

    which would probbably be better than 2 600w and using the same wattage.

    Maybe even T5 fixtures all along the plant canopy and kept very close because of the low heat, not sure what the total wattage would be, maybe like 3x 4' 4 bulb fixtures.

  6. i think 3x400wat hps will be good
    T5s are just to much dam $ right now. i plan on buying fairly nice lights not top of the line or anything, what part of the light is most important to invest most in? plus the whole room is gonna have some intense mylar reflecting to help out
  7. I make you right there I would go with the 400 lights use mantis pro shades bro you can get them babys right ontop of the plants I use them nice shades there ajustable to so all the light gets used and they spread the light to a wider area whilst keeping it nice and cool.

    Just a thought GOOD LUCK:smoke:

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