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  1. High all growers.
    I just wanted to show my friends perpetual grow in Arizona that I helped design and set up.
    He has physical injuries allowing him an MMJ card to cultivate, but he never grew before. I have never grown either, but I have been reading High Times for 35 years so I had more knowledge than him. Now he probably knows more than me. LOL Plus I have the background training in carpentry, electrical and hvac installation. So two years ago he flew me to Arizona to help him get started. I had to design a grow around his disabilities. Since I already had built a shelf design for my wife with disabilities to display her house plants, I just had to make a few design changes to work for him.
    He has been running his perpetual grow easily and steady with the setup we did.
    He harvests 2 to 3 plants every 8 to 12 days, pulling about 3 to 4 oz's of top shelf bud under 1 - 400w and 2 - 600w air cooled HPS for flowering. There's 12 to 15 plants in his flowering room rotating at all times.
    He uses RO water from waldomart. (He adds cal/mag). He is growing in fox farm ocean forest and the fox farms 3 liquids and 3 flowering powder foods. I designed a wipe board so he can easily keep track of the feeding schedule for the different plant stages. I keep telling him to change his dirt & ferts, but he says he doesn't want to do the research. (If anyone wants to stear me to some good dirt & ferts posts here at GC,) It will help me convince him to change with your knowledgeable input. fox bad other better!!
    This is a picture of his vegging room. I will post a pic of his flower room when he sends me a new one.
    His strains are:
    Sour Diesel......Blueberry Kush.......Rascal OG....... Cappucino420.........Carmelicious
    all mature from 50 to 70 days.
    He clones from clones.
    He top waters, drain to waste. He feeds every other watering.
    Flower room has a controlled environment at 77 degrees and 50% humidity.
    Since he has no drain saucers or big plant trays to empty or clean after every watering, he spends less time doing maintenance and cleaning and more time tending to his plants. The shelves I designed allow him to just slide plants to the end of the shelf and set it on the next lower tier instead of raising his light. When he transplants his clones into larger containers, there is a transplant shelf designed with a bigger drop to keep plant canopy even.

    This pic is of his flowering units I built him.



    He uses 50% of his meds for cooking, not smoking. Now that he produces his own meds he was able to get off his pain killers and the 1000mg. of ibuprofen's daily. The warm dry air is great for his ailments also, even though he runs his AC 24hrs. a day. Dry heat or not..120 degrees is FUCKIN HOTTTT!!!!!
    So that's his grow.
    Is there really chicken shit in fox farm mediums?
    Any dirt & fert advice would be appreciated. Or any comments or questions about his grow, I will respond back.
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  2. That's pretty good dirt... can be a bit hot but it just depends on the specific plant... I use it... I prefer happy frog or a mixture of the two with some perlite personally though. As for whether it contains chicken shit I never paid attention I never specifically read the ingredients... lots of growers use chicken manure though.

    That's a neat setup I'm jealous man did a good job.

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  3. [​IMG] again like I've said never even looked lol
  4. Hey LedRoB82
    I read some story recently about fox farm running out of ocean forest floor and they stated using chicken farm shit. I dont remember where I read it. It was on the WW web so it must be true! LOL... Thank You on the setup.
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  5. Fox farm treats my friend pretty good also
  6. Yeah I personally just use happy frog and perlite now but that's just because the price... I can get 3cubic ft of happy frog for a 20 or I can get 2cubic ft or ocean forest for a 20.... ideally if I had the money I'd buy both and a big bag of perlite and mix it all up in a garbage can I also add some garden lime and I do reuse a lot of my soil and just add in some happy frog conditioner haha.

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  7. He never reuses his soil. Is there an additive?
  8. [​IMG] I add some of this personally.
  9. O wow look at that. Is there a way to private message in this forum?
  10. I'm a big fan of promix. If you think about it, what you're doing is a hybrid between organic and hydroponic growing. Pure organic growers use no bottles. They top dress with amendments and load the soil with fertilizers that will time release over the life of the plant.

    Fox farms method is to start with a semi rich soil and go with that until you guess that the plant has depleted the nutrients in it then you guess when to switch to feeding with bottles and how much.

    With promix and other hydro methods you feed from day one a lite amount and increase as the plant gets size. You have all the control over the feeding schedule. Promix is a "soiless" medium but it's closer to soil then any other hydroponic medium. The dolomite lime in it helps make it more forgiving with PH then pure coco or other hydro mediums. Sunshine promix 4 and about 10% perlite is what I use. It's peat moss, coco, dolomite lime, perlite, and organic wetting agents. I use General Hydroponic nutrients. If you buy by the 1/2 gallon it's very cheap. GH flora micro, bloom, and calimagic is all you need. Explained: The Lucas Formula to Growing Marijuana | Northwest Leaf: The Patients voice
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  11. Can Hydro ferts can be used for dirt growing? Using the word dirt loosely!
    He also doesnt startferts until almost the third week
  12. Thank you Tbone. Great info.
  13. Yes. Hydro ferts are just plant feed that is in a more pure and available chemical form.

    Many people don't know that as far as a plant is concerned there is no such thing as organic growing. Plants must have chemicals broken down to pure chemical forms to be able to uptake and use them. This happens slow in organic feeding by microbes. In the end the plant takes up pure chemicals because it can't process organic chemicals.
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  14. In hydro you can add an enzyme to your routine like barley based pond clarifier. This will break down your old root balls, turning them into nutrients for the next plant and allowing you to reuse your medium.
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  15. Wow, so much more to learn.Thank you
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  16. Holly cow. I just looked at that link. I'm goona need a chair and two doobs to get through all of that!
    Thanks. It's too hot to go cut the grass oops I mean lawn anyway.
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