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Permanent effects from smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jaz 420, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Hey guys so ever since I tried weed for the first time last summer, I have been consistently getting high at least every few days. When I get high I have realized it hits me in two "stages" the first is the actual high and the second stage is afterwords I tend to feel kind of light and my head is a little cloudy. Usually the second stage only lasts a few hours and it's very pleasant because I'm always very relaxed and thoughtful during that time. Lately though it has been lasting much longer to the point where I didn't smoke for nearly a week after smoking everyday for 8 or 9 days and during that whole week I felt cloudy and more mellow. Does this happen to anyone else and can that feeling be permanent? I'm okay if the answer is yes because I like that I am when I'm like that, just curious.
  2. I've had situation where I thought that the high is taking over me, without me smoking.
    From what I believe, it's called psychosis and I believe I had that. Just give yourself some time off or just keep on smoking bro, it doesn't really matter. Aslong as it does not impact your life in any way, it's OK.
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  3. I experience the same.

    Weed makes me very tired the following day and I get this cloudy, hazy feeling for a while after smoking too much. There are times I feel high 24 hours after smoking. Staying off weed and exercising/eating healthy for a couple of days fixes everything for me.
  4. If it doesn't bother you just keep smoking or take a break and see how you feel after smoking then
  5. Dude I used to be a daily smoker, haven't been for a few months, but I got so bad at one point I didn't know what was high and normal, and even now, I still go a bit funny sometimes, once I fully recover I'll probably go back to daily again, just thought it would be interesting to here my story

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