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  1. 1. Drink eight glasses of water a day.

    2. Include two vegetables and one fruit in every meal.

    3. Begin each meal with a raw vegetable salad.

    4. Make a light snack of assorted sprouts.

    5. Start the day with a glass of warm water and a dash of lime..

    6. Use only fresh vegetables.

    7. Once a week have only fresh fruits until noon, make lunch the first meal of the day.

    8. Eat only freshly cooked meals, not refrigerated leftovers.

    9. Include one green vegetable and one yellow vegetable in every meal.

    10. Go on a juice fast for a day. Start with vegetable juice, and sip fruit for lunch and dinner.

    11. Kick the old coffee habit. Have a glass of fresh fruit juice instead.

    12. Cut out all deep-fried foods from your diet.

    13. Cut down on high sugar products like soft drinks, ice-cream, candy and cookies in your diet.

    14. Never skip a meal, even if you're on a diet. Eat a fresh fruit or have vegetable juice instead.

    15. Avoid beverages like soda, coffee, colas and so on.
  2. 16. some form of exercise.
  3. 17. Sleep 8-10 Hours a day.
  4. 18) Video games don't count as exercise.(yes even madden)
  5. 19) Cup o' Green Tea every day.
  6. i appreciate the tips, but i can't really assume any of these are valid without an explanation of the mechanics behind them...

  7. except wii!
  8. bust regular nuts
  9. I find it ironic that you call yourself alkaline water, yet you want us to drink our water with lime.
  10. Lift hard, sleep a lot, drink lots of fluid, and eat big!
  11. I read Your Whole Posts which you have shared here with us
    I Found it very informative for myself
    Keep sharing such useful tips with us
  12. I think given some information are very good but i like yo say something about for the perfect health if you any buddy want to healthy life so yoga is a very well i know all the benefit of human healthy life you just check it out Indian yoga site there is given all the benefit you know yoga thats solved the cancer problem,
  13. Nice tips friend.
  14. what about vaporizer once a day?
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    1. cut back on the fruits...
    2. and hey, where the hells the milk. You need some organic fat free skim milk, especially for someone with the name alkaline water, if you want to get your protein, to get some good low impact sugar (lactoses) and get your calcium and alkaline love!
    3. You need to understand the basics of nutrition: protein, fat, carbohydrates, and minerals/vitamins.
    3a. Vegetables are the keys to these vitamins.
    3b. Carbohydrates, you want whole grains.
    3c. Protein, if your a vegeterian, milk is the best, its complete, along with lentils (not complete) and... some other stuff.
    3d. But otherwise, fish is great, you'll get your essential fatty acids and its what god recommended. 3e. Also, though, as a vegeterian or not, hemp protein powder is the best way to go. Almost complete protein (complete when mixed in milk), essential fatty acids unparalleled on the planet, fiber... wow.
    3f. Essential fatty acids are extremely important.

  16. that goes without saying. :rolleyes:

    bowl a day keeps the doctor away
  17. Just to clarify, unless you're a professional porn star, these should not be counted as one. :D

    And with some form of regular exercise, you could probably wipe out a few things on this list, or at least get away with it.

    Genetics have a LOT to do with it as well. I know someone who works hard physically for most of the day, yet eats like total shit most of the time(like greasy spoon breakfast bad). Low weight, and blood work comes out perfect, and family history(i.e. genetics) shows most living well into their late 80s and early 90s.
  18. These were really nice health tips given by you, well according to my point of view, I think that doing regular exercise and going for a regular walk is really help us, that make us fit and active. I hope that many people do like thee healthy tips.
  19. From my side these are best towards your health:->

    Habit of doing out the Yoga daily,
    Try to eat fresh fruit,
    Avoid out the oily food,
    Never forgot to do out our regular exercise
  20. There's nothing wrong with leftovers, and deep-fried foods are cool too, as long as you don't over do it. Most oils are healthy fats, so I don't see what's wrong about eating fried shit, as long as it isn't super processed/loaded with sodium. If you work out, you'll embrace those easy calories.

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