Perfect for budshots..

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  1. Well theres this camera thats coming out.. its called Lytro.. google it. i would post a link but im not sure if im allowed to lol. but anyways what it does is it takes a picture in every focus possible than later on a program you choose the desired focus.. i mean come on.. this is just the perfect budshot camera im guessing its going to be shweeeeeeet too bad i probably wont be able to afford it considering its 400$ plus.. anyways i just thought that i would share this with everyone hahaaaa
  2. I just went to there website and checked it out it freaking shweet i def want one now
  3. ah.. Photography.. It's gets more idiot proof every year
  4. in 5 years this will be in every camera.
  5. Sigh.....more technology to convince everyone with a camera that they're a professional photographer lol
  6. i hate that shit lol people taking pictures of random shit thinking there pro
  7. Sigh. That's what we need, a bunch of kids running around with them convinced that they are pro's because they use autofocus!
  8. well what i dont really understand is.. like if the picture quality is just as good as the pros than whats the big deal about people thinking there good at photography? i only hate it when people actually suck and they think there good..
  9. There is a 'good focus' photo and then there is a 'good photo'. Believe me, you can spend 20,000 on a camera, but it doesn't make you a photograper.

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