perfect example of what a cop should be

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ziggyshugenadz, May 24, 2006.

  1. so me and some friends of mine are smoking a joint at a park (actually right in front of a teen center to be exact) and my friend notices a cop wakling right for us. i had the joint at the time so i pinch it in my fingers (ya, it fucking burned) and just hoped for the best. he walks up to us and says "hey hows it going" and we say hi back. he walks about 15 feet further than turns around and says "you better put that stuff away." and keeps on walking. we walk the other way and i just thank god (even though im an atheist) that we got rolled on by such a cool ass cop. when i was walking away my thoughts about a cop that caught me smoking weed were completey different than what most likely they would be. i was just thinking "wow, what a cool ass cop that guy is the shit!!!" i dont think many people have had that thought go through their head after a bust. well im about to smoke a J for that cop right now. and i also wish him a long and fruitful life :D . toke on:smoking:
  2. Haha, sounds awesome. Yeah, I wish more cops were like that. But i bet if you had a pound of dank, he'd arrest your ass... and only a qp would make it to the evidence locker, lol. j.j But it sounds like he understood you two weren't causing trouble, but just out enjoying the day. Kind of a feel good story.
  3. Man your fuckin lucky, i guess that was a chill cop i bet hes blazed a few fatties in his time:rolleyes: I believe that the more dro the pigs blazed when they were younger the nicer they are

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